Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snakes and turtles and snakes and baby snakes and lots of animals....

When I got home from work today this is what Donnie told me him, Nolan, and Daddy did today. So, Don thinks just because he took them on a field trip once that he's gonna one up me in the parenting departement... sorry, babe ain't gonna happen! LOL!

Oh... you couldn't tell which animal Donnie was most fascinated with could you? :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here ya go.....

Okay, I told Nicole I would put these up.....she was asking about what people do with her pictures in their homes. Where they use them and how?? So, I told her I'd put mine up on my blog to show what I've done with them. And..... since I never show my house on my blog, you can have a little sneak peek of what my house looks like and my decor (not that it's all that special, but I know I love to see other people's decorating style....). here ya go.....

* This is my family room, just a corner of the room..... that had an empty family room is laid out really funky!!

* These are pics. from our sun room, but we actually turned it into more a sitting room rather than sun room, as we liked it a little more "dressed up", especially since it has my favorite couch in the whole wide world in it :)....which was really the only place in our house that I was able to put it.

* This is the entry way to our house.... the foyer.

Monday, October 20, 2008 more pictures....

Attempt 1: Donnie to show his brotherly love....... maybe, possibly get a picture of the two of them together (has this ever happen before, no). Even stretching it a little by having Donnie hold Nolan..... Hmmmmm??? We're trying here, okay.

Attempt 2: Maybe have Donnie hold his favorite Bunny while doing this (bribery).

Attempt 3: Snapping real quick before he elbows Nolan right off the couch!

Attempt 4: Forget the other one, I'll just take a shot of "the good son". My sweet baby, Nolan :)



Happy Fall

This weekend the boys were outside a lot with their Dad, enjoying the last of these semi-warm days in Michigan, all bundled up raking leaves..... ahhhhh, how I heart Fall in Michigan!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nolan....5 months old

What a peaceful, mellow, and happy little boy you are. We always joke that when you smile (which is quite often), it's letting us know you are just happy to be in this crazy world we live in :) You are completely NOT high maintenance. You are content being placed almost seat, bouncer, walker, name it, you're fine with it (usually). You only cry when you are hungry or extremely tired, and even then it's more of a whimper. At night, you often just make noises when you wake up....barely letting me know you're up and when I come in the room you're simply starring at the letters on the wall sucking your fist, with a BIG cheesy grin on your face.... you have then silliest, goofy grin when we get you out of your crib. You're such a people person, rarely do you not like it when others hold you. You've started mocking things we do, sticking our tongue out at you, chewing food at actually move your jaw up and down, it's soooo stinkin' cute. Your the rolliest little chubba whubba boy, we can't get enough of those cheeks & thighs! Your Dad's favorite nicknames for you... "Rolly Noly", "Little Tank", "Spike", & "Mr. Happy"(BTW, he's completely smitten by you). You love being walked to sleep by your Dad.... he's got the touch. These are all the little things I want to remember about you at this age., I wish I could put them in a little "keepsake box" to pull out when I forget some of these important little moments, to turn back the hands of time.

** Now if we could only get your brother to feel the love like we do, we'd be one big happy family ;)LOL! Don't worry, he's gonna take to you someday baby boy....we hope! **

My favorite 8's

This looked like fun :)

8 Favorite Tv Shows
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Thanks...Ryan M.!)
Dateline NBC
The Office
Dancing with the Stars
Cold Case
Ghost Whisperer
Super Nanny
Design on a Dime

8 Favorite Restaurants
Common Grill
The Real Seafood Company
Yen King
Panera Bread
Klavon's Pizza
Outback Steakhouse
Red Lobster

8 Things I Did Today
Went to Family Worship
Bowling w/ Church friends (once a month)
Put laundry away
Ironed clothes for work in the morning
Played outside w/ Donnie
Tickled my "Little Tank"... "Noly Roly"
Visited my cousin
Read blogs

8 Things I Love About Fall
The start of a new school year!
Picking costumes for my boys
Leaves changing colors
Raking the leaves w/ Donnie & watching him jump in the pile :)
Fall sweaters & sweatshirts
Halloween Candy
That Yummy Cider drink from Beaners....Ummmm, I mean Biggby's
Football games (Go Titan's)

8 Things I Look Forward To
Starting & finishing a Master's Program (and the raise in pay :)!
Watching Little D go to preschool
More children...someday??
Family vacations up-north
Winter snowmobiling w/ my boys
Finishing our Dibble House Project
Christmas shopping
Nolan's Baptism

8 Things I Wish For
Our country to elect a new President, who will help our economy & make the right changes
The correct cause and diagnosis for Autism
Teen pregnancy to diminish over time
ALL children to be loved and cared for by their parents
Our country to be one of the top leaders in Education, not one of the last (besides the third world countries, how sad!)
My 5 month old to sleep a consistent 10-12 hours every night, preferably 8 pm-6 am :)
Healthy and happy children
A nice winter retirement/vacation home....somewhere warm! (not talking like Ganton's ...haha!)