Monday, December 29, 2008

"I should have never left the house".....

This is what I was saying to myself yesterday as I was tyring to find a way into my house!

Here's the scoop:

A comedy of errors-
Saturday evening we (me & the boys) went over to Nicole's house for a "widow's night" since both of our hubby's were in Green Bay watching the Lions make history(in 22 degree weather).....and BAD history at that, the first time ever an NFL team has finished the season 16-0, meaning 16 loses and 0 wins, correct me if I'm wrong, but it was some horrible statistic like that I'm pretty sure. (Didn't know I new so much about sports...uh?:) Poor Lions! Anyways on with the story.... So, we have a fun filled night at Nicole's, the boys watched the intolerable Speed Racer movie once again, ate cheese popcorn, and jumped around the living room like two hyeena's until bedtime....Nolan and Hudson sat staring at each other aimlessly, chewing on toys, & crawling around (Nolan that is...) just being curious 7 month olds. Later after the boys went to bed and Nicole's nieces got picked up we scrapbooked and chatted till' waaaaaay past my normal bedtime, but it was much needed on my part, I think I might be getting back into the scrapping mode! YAY!!

Okay, fast forward to Sunday 9am., after leaving Nicole's. I thought it would be nice to get home nice and early, take a shower/get ready, get the boys cleaned up and let Nolan take his morning nap, get all of us ready to be on the road by 12pm. as we had to head out to Sterling Heights (1hr. 45 min. drive) for a family Christmas Party..... thinking 3 hrs. should give me plenty of time right.(?) Hmmmm... So, I thought. I drive up to my house and I was thinking - I'm sure I left the lights on outside the garage, as this is a habit of mine, so when I get home I have lights when it's dark. No lights on. Then, I push the garage door opener and it doesn't work.....hmmm? I continue to press it another 5 times like a moron thinking if it didn't work on the 2nd try it'll surely work on the 5th try. Duh! So, no lights, no garage door open, and guess what.... I have no house key... I tend not to carry one since I usually open my garage door and leave the house door to the garage unlocked or I'm with my husband who has em' on him. At this point for some crazy reason I start to get ticked off at Don....thinking something had to be wrong with our garage it needed a new battery, or it broke, or a fuse blew, or something happened that just had to be his fault and if he wouldn't of told me to just lock the house up and come through the garage none of this would be happening damn-it...thanks Don!!! (Am I the only insane wife who if something happens it somehow has to be the fault of her husband, even if he's out-of-state....I know, I'm crazy I tell ya!) So, I tried to get in through a few windows...they were locked, tried ALL my doors hoping I left one unlocked-Nada! Finally, I called my parents & my mother-in-law to see if they had spare keys....nope. And this is when I find out from my MIL we lost electricity from the wind storm the night before(Ooops, sorry Don, not your fault). The one that kept me up 1/2 the night & I was already going on only about 4/5hrs. of sleep anyways...... niiiiiiice, I'm locked out AND sleep deprived, trying to figure out how I was going to get myself and kids ready for this party with no way into my house, no Christmas outfits from the Gap/Macy's for the boys to wear, no clothes for myself, and no Christmas present to take for the gift exchange! *Mind you I have a 3 yr. old & 7 month old, so anywhere I go I pack almost everything but the kitchen sink! How the hell am I gonna pull this off? Needless to say, the day is NOT going how I planned! UGH! We eventually head over to my parents house get unpacked and I rummage through our overnight/yesterday clothing figuring out what I can possibly put on my kids, then I rummage through my Mom's emergency clothes she keeps for the boys and find them a half-way decent looking outfit...but, it's definitely not the cute Gap & Macy's outfits I had bought for them....waaaaah! Then I attempt to find a sweater to wear from my mother's closet......let's just say we're not exactly the same size, plus she has no curling iron and my hair is....well, let's just say it's untameable without an iron! We head out to the Christmas Party and I'm feeling and looking like a hot mess, stressed out from being in the car with a toddler, 7 month old, & my parents for 2 hrs., and no husband to vent too, but..... we still had a great time (okay, I did after a strong glass of wine, or two :))

Monday morning and we finally got electricity! Woo-Hoo! Let me tell ya, unexpectedly living out of an overnight bag for 48 hrs. with 2 small children, staying with my crazy, yet loving parents ;), and NO husband in sight is not my idea of a fun weekend! LOL! I think I was also a little bitter knowing that my husband was having a good ol' time drinking beer with his buddies watching a football game while I was a mad woman trying to hold on to the few shreds of sanity I had left.

Oh, and to top it off, I can't find my wedding rings...... hoping they're at my parents house!? Ha! Why the hell should I be surprised after the type of weekend I had?!

As, I was walking through the door this morning I was thinking to myself "I should have never even left the house this weekend"...... ever have one of those days/weekends/weeks, where you feel like you have a bad omen/karma? And all you can do is laugh because you think, could it get any worse, yet it's comical at the same time?!

Hope your weekend went a little smoother than mine :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aren't we the lucky ones....

Yes, we sure are. Santa made a grande stop at our house on *Christmas Eve*.... Donnie, Nolan, Daddy, & Mommy got all they could have wished for. And, but of course, we had two other fa-bu-lous Christmas's at Grandma & Grandpa Huff's house and at my parent's house (Grandma and Grandpa Senn's). These two little boys were/are spoiled..... I hate saying that, but honestly after seeing our trunck this evening on the way home aaannnnd realizing what Santa had already brought them at our house the only way to say it honestly is... spoiled! I figure that's okay you're only a little kid once in your life.... then the novelty of the holiday fads away, & it's less expensive for Santa now than when their teenagers...right! ;) Donnie definitely had a few "WOW! Factor" presents - as Don would say(that's a whole other story... as Don had to make sure Santa brought a "Wow! Factor" present...huh??). They were most definitely this and *this- *I was really impressed with this as we got it set up...very cool (Toy favorite)! It was a lot of fun to watch Donnie this year as he is starting to really "get it" and have some concept of what is happening. Nolan, well, he was mostly interested with the bows and eating the wrapping paper...(I new we should have just wrapped empty boxes! LOL!) We were very blessed to have such a wonderful Christmas this year, as I know it's a hard time for many families struggling this holiday season, we are truly lucky. My one regret....we didn't make Jesus a Birthday Cake this year, that was one of my goals to do with Donnie, but plans for Christmas Eve changed at the last minute therefore changing Christmas Day plans slightly and we just didn't have time. Next WILL happen (even if we do it on Christmas Eve), as I want this to be a tradition that I can carry on with my children. I do have to say, I think Donnie understood(to the extent a 3 yr. old can understand) some of the stories we read and talked to him about what Christmas is REALLY all about.

**Now for the few returns tomorrow....ugh! Wish me luck!**

Merry Christmas to all .... and to all a goodnight :) I'm pooped!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


A bit sad today.....

Something happened, not a BIG deal, but I was hurt by it. One of those things where maybe I'm just being too overly sensitive, but maybe not.? I feel as though maybe I did something to deserve it, but not sure what(?)(if I did, I didn't mean to)....type of situation. And if I say something and I didn't do anything I'm gonna feel stupid or too overly sensitive about it....know what I mean? Have you ever been in one of those awkward situations? It's not something I'm going to indulge with details.... I just feel a bit upset/bummed about it today.

In other news: My shopping is DONE! Thank the Lord! I have my family Christmas party tomorrow with my Mom's family at our house, it's always family is LOUD & crazy(but, I love it)!! So, I'm hoping that will lift my spirit a bit. Planning, organizing, shopping, etc.... always a good distraction from "life". Oh, and Nolan is CRAWLING!! My baby is a moving machine! He started moving a few little inches a few days ago and in the past two days he's been ALL over the living room's too cute. I will officially say he's crawling for real...hand and knees, no army crawl (which Donnie did forever it seemed)! Of course when I saw him get in the position and actually move for the first time I felt like the only mother on earth who ever saw her baby crawl for the first time..... it's such a good fuzzy feeling inside! I love those moments! :)

Anyways, the kids are napping and I've gotta get two gifts ready for the Great Gramma's tonight, so I better get to it while the boys are sleeping.

Hope everyone is having a festive holiday!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Boys

I could just snuggle this kid all day long.... he so soft & squishy! I just wanna squeeeeeeze him!! :)


Uhhhhhh ..... thanks Don, for helping out with bath time while I'm at work. But, do you have to torture our son for your own personal amusement.?

Don has a love affair with the hair gel & our sons while I'm not looking........*Case in point* Nolan.

Donnie in his own little world...... his "winter wonderland!" The boy loves the snow- thank goodness! .... my husband will one day have a built in snowmobile partner.

Ahhhhh.... shaving cream on the table, always a fun adventure for a 3 yr. old. Preschool at the Huff Compound..... scary! LOL!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Holy Mother Mary!! It's been AGES since I've last posted....

  • Getting ready for the Holiday's approaching.... Love em' & Hate em', know what I mean?? I'm a little 'ba humbog' this year, no particular reason why. (MUST get in the spirit for the Holiday's :)
  • Headed up to the cabin this weekend..... main game plane = Christmas cookies (I know the Hubby is secretly wishing for 6 inches of snow to snowmobile ;) that should get me in the spirit.?
  • Nolan has been getting into that crawl position, the one where his legs go under his belly, but then he's not quite sure what to do after that :) He's still an amazingly content little man, he's SO stinkin' sweet, love it! Oh, yeah... BIG NEWS ..... Nolan was Baptized last Sunday! I made him and Donnie wear matching outfits and they looked adorable I might add (yes, I was that mom, but I don't care these little sweater vests were A-dorable!)
  • Had a night out with the hubs last weekend, Friday night dinner at Daryl's with some friends from out-of-town..... Mmmmmm, Daryl's is so good, I wish we got out to dinner more often, it was delish and we had lot's of laughs at dinner....good times!
  • Donnie.... Total "Drama King" lately! Still not taking much interest in Nolan.... the other day he told me "I no have to like Nowan, me no like Nowan", just out of the clear blue for no apparent reason, I guess so I had no questions in my head as to.... "Does he or doesn't he.?" Thanks, for letting me know Donnie! ;)
  • Trying to get out of the staff basketball game against the 6th graders at school....yes...Basketball Game! No, I didn't sign myself up, I was recruited.... that's because of my killa skillz of course! bahahaha! But, I am seriously getting nervous....this'll be an experience! Haha!

** More to come...sooner than later! Hopefully, with my chipper Christmas spirit in tow!