Sunday, February 17, 2008

Someone...Anyone...Please make it STOP!!

OH. MY. LORD. I can't believe we are ALL sick again!! The second time this winter for all 3 of us, and the THIRD time around for me and Little D. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I've had a black cloud of sickness following me ALL winter long. Let's see since Novemeber...first round of strep-throat for me and Little D, December....whew! All clear! January....second round of strep -ALL 3 of us, with some nasty 7 day virus along with it.....February....the FLU, which BTW Little D.'s on day #5 of throwing up (calling Dr.'s tomorrow just too make sure it's just the flu)! But, really how much more can we take?? We seriously have only had one healthy month and it sucks, everytime we get better I'm afraid to get too excited because I just KNOW we're gonna be sick again! I even had my flu shot this year....and I am just getting over my vomiting part of the flu, but still have the sour stomach... what the?? UGH, I HATE being sick (and it's worse being pregnant)!! So, now I'm also worried/paranoid about taking Donnie to the Dr.'s tomorrow because I know they'll weigh him, and I really don't want to see the scale go down anymore. His Dr. already wanted him to come back for a 6 month check-up on his weight gain after we took him for his 2 year check-up in January, just to make sure he was gaining enough weight. Now don't get me wrong, the kid doesn't look emaciated by any means for a 2 year old, but at the same time he really can't afford to loose more weight from being sick ALL the time! Maybe I'll see if he can keep one of Don's whey protein shakes down tonight...that's a weight enhancer, right.? LOL!

Well, so much for my 4 day winter break....we've been sick all weekend! Booo-hooo!

Anyone else going through a rough winter of sickness??

Sorry...not much else to blog about, just a bunch of sicky's over here.

Monday, February 11, 2008


YAY!!! Today was a snow day! I think it was because the wind chill was too low today.... -15 & yesterday was -21......Brrrrrr it is FREEZING! I love waking up thinking I have to get ready for work, and then I see on T.V. NO SCHOOL for Jackson Public. WHOO-hooo! this made my day!

Oh, yeah, did I mention that I can't believe I'm gonna have a baby in about 2 1/2 months?! Today I did a few loads of laundry from the bags of clothes I went through last night (Donnie's hand-me-downs).....all the 0-3 month stuff is soooooo little, I forgot how small they are when they're first born. Don't worry though I've already got a whole load of new stuff I bought for him over the last few weeks that also needs to be washed. I feel a little guilty when I'm washing all of Donnie's old stuff from when he was little for the new baby, so I'm trying to make sure I get new stuff every once in a while so I remember how special and fun it is to buy new baby items and make this little guy feel special too(not that he's gonna really know or care, but I do). Eeeeeek! I'm getting SO excited, yet SO nervous all at the same time. Oh, and the funniest thing is that as we were getting all the baby stuff around yesterday....the swing, the bouncer, the blankets, the walker(not that it will be used anytime soon), ect..... Donnie HAD to get in the swing, sit in the walker, and he even has the bouncer in the livivng room as we speak watching his cartoons with the bouncer music on, as well as, the vibrator it's hilarious! Luckly he's only 22 lbs., so I don't think he can do too much damage to the bouncer, maybe I'll be kicking myself in a week when I'm at Target buying a new one. LOL!! We'll see.

Have a good Monday!