Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long time comin' .....

Oh, geez, well I am still alive.... alive and well! Okay, maybe not well, but I'm surviving over here. ;)

Yes, we have our new addition to our family, Mr. Adrian, my happy, little (not really) angel baby. He is SO wonderful. He's beautiful. He's sweet. He's content. He's lovable. He's perfect in every way! I'm not going to use him as my excuse NOT to blog, but I will say, going from 2 children to 3 has totally 'rocked my world', when I do have a free minute I guess I've been choosing to not really do much anything productive; maybe Real housewives DVR's or FB, but no nothing too productive, pathetic I know. While Adrian is definitely ALL of those things I just mentioned, it's still been a whirlwind with having 3 children under the age of 4! I'm still trying to catch my breath....

So, I guess I'll start with the journaling process, then maybe move onto pics. another day. I'm trying to figure out how best to catch up on 2 months of non-blogging (gaaah)!! :P

Donnie: Wow, has he turned into a little BOY, truly a little boy before my very own eyes. Where to begin....?? He still has his LOVE of dinosaurs.... pteranadon's & pterodactyl's are still his favorites, but he'll play with any and all of them. I like to call Donnie my little scientist! He's all about nature, bugs, snakes, crocs., toads, dino fossils, you name it, when it comes to nature and the outdoors, he ALL about it!! I truly adore Donnie's age right now. He amazes me everyday with the new things he learns, the kind of conversations he has with me, and his wonderful "big-brotherness" w/ his 2 younger bro's. Everyday it's like a new adventure for him.... what is he gonna find outside; where are the butterflies, bugs, snakes; how long of a skid mark can he make with his bike; how far can he jump or throw a baseball; what new animal can he make with play-doh; what new book is he gonna choose at bedtime; and the list goes on. I absolutely just ADORE him right now, the last few months have been a blast!! I hope he continues to be my little adventurer and continue to have that zest for life, that excitement, I think that is what I love the most about him right now.... his 'live in the moment' attitude and his innocence. It kinda makes me teary eyed. :( My 'baby' is growing up!

Nolan: OH, then there's Nolan! Aiy-yi-yi!! Okay, well really he's not BAD, he's just different than my first born! Nolan also has a zest for life, let me tell ya a REAL zest for life! :) I don't really know how else to say it but that Nolan is a wild man, he has two volumes... loud & louder! I know some of you reading this are saying "no, he's really not wild", but at home and outside in public are two different things. At home Nolan is my wild child.... jumping off couches, diving into pillows, starting pillow fights, chasing his BIG brother around the house screaming, and yes.... he chases him and wrestles him to the ground, etc...etc.... In 'public' Nolan is actually shy, he doesn't like to talk much, he stays very close to us, he tends to get scared easy. Which is SO total opposite of how he is at home! So, while Nolan is my wild man at home, he is more of my shy boy in social settings outside of home..... interesting little devil he is! With that said.... hidden behind his crazy exterior Nolan is also my sensitive and sweet little boy. While he's a brute, and my rough and tumble little boy with the dirty face, scabbed knees, and crazy hair, he's also my shy, sensitive, little man. Nolan has also had the hardest time adjusting with adding a new baby to our family, it has been a big adjustment for him. He was only 19 months when I had Adrian and he was/is a baby (well, turning into a toddler), but he did have to grow up quick, kind-a too quick, and it's something I still feel a little guilty about. I have guilt that Nolan never got a chance to have enough one-on-one time with us; that I expected him to be a grown little boy when Adrian was born, because Momma had the demands of a newborn; and that I just didn't have the patience I should have right after Adrian's birth or sometimes now for that matter (it's a daily struggle, but I'm only human, doing the best I can right now). Well, what's done is done, not much I can do now, but sometimes it would be nice to turn back the hands-of-time and know then what I know now. :*( At any rate, he's a happy healthy little boy and that's all I can ask for. :) I love my Rolly Nolly!!

Adrian: Aaaahhhh, my Little Adrian Micheal (as Donnie likes to say)! He is my sweetheart. This little boy has totally stolen my heart. :) Like I said, he's happy, content, sweet, cuddly, etc... all of the above. I just can't imagine our lives without him, he fits right into our family. I think I have to do a separate blog post on him, since I need to show his birth video, his newborn pics., the story of his birth *and what a massive little man he was*!! Ugh.... I don't even know where to begin! Okay, yes, I've decided Adrian will get a separate blog post.

** good for now **

**I'm tired and off to bed**


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Skinny Girl.... not ;)

Gosh I'm SO addicted to Real Housewives of NYC.....

FYI- Weight Watchers the 3rd time around is a lot harder....the weight is just not coming off as quickly. Or maybe I'm just too anxious to get back into my old clothes.....ugh!! And I'm HUNGRY, sucks!!! I forget that when I'm losing weight I'm not going to be full or be able eat whatever I want when I get hungry..... the saying is true "you are what you eat!", that's the one thing I miss about being preggers, eating whatever I want without an ounce of guilt. :(

-1.5 lbs.

Goal: -25

**Holding myself ACCOUNTABLE!**

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One fabulous weekend :)

Okay, yes I have been totally MIA! I kinda fell off the blog bandwagon, but I'm jumping back on....RIGHT NOW!

I've got so much to fill you in on, like having a BABY!! The boys and their mischievous ways. :) My life as a mom of 3 boys! And everything in between. But, before I do one loooooong huge post on that, I have to start with the right now stuff....

Which would be my awesome weekend as a free woman....and totally free for 1 whole night, even without baby, yes he's only 7 weeks old.... don't judge me, don't judge me (our motto for the weekend!)

We..... Nicole, Jane, Leslie, LeeAnn, Lori, and Jessica (LeeAnn's friend), and myself went away for the weekend to Duck Lake. This amazing cottage that Jane so graciously opened up to all of us to hang out at for the weekend. We went away together to have a relaxing weekend full of scrapbooking, eating, staying in our sweats all day, gossiping, laughing, drinking.... not talking coca-cola here people (right Nic & LeeAnn?), just getting away from it all. Having 2 FULL days to.... hear no whining from our children, no errands to run, no dinner to make, no schedule to abide by, no lunches to make, no teeth to brush before bed, no bickering to break up.....okay, I'll stop, you get my drift. Anyway, it was fabulous for me, I SO enjoyed every minute of my weekend. And it made me realize just how much I enjoy hanging out with this group of girls. I feel so comfortable, so non-judged, so happy when I'm around them, there's always something to laugh at, always something to gossip about, always something to drink....hehe! I just had a really great time and feel so rejuvenated!

Memories from the weekend:

  • Nicole's cackle @ 2am
  • Me and Jane's miserable attempts to make coffee....thank God for Leslie! Damn those Bunn Coffee Makers
  • Friday night's entertainment ..... "The Nicole and LeeAnn comedy hour(s)" (this could be blog post in itself!)
  • Lori's breakfast of champions..... Diet Coke and Poptarts :)
  • Shaquila - nuff said
  • The Motto for the weekend "Don't Judge Me"
  • Who's pantie free?? WTH!
  • Nearly tripping over a Little Tike's Car that was placed outside my bedroom door @ 4:30am
  • Polar Plunge anyone?
  • Jane hiding the garage keys from 2 intoxicated ladies (ahem....don't know who that could be)
  • Rockin' in the back of the mini to Ladies Night.... sung by myself, Nicole, and LeeAnn
  • 58 jello shots...... is that enough?
  • Jessica's make-shift skirt/blanket while scrapbooking
  • Leslie on a caffeine buzz, while still trying to finish her 2nd scrapbook page after ohhhh a 24hr. period!
  • High five everyone, high five (LeeAnn)
  • Jane's "low, low, low" belly dance in the mini

I could go on and on......

Good times, good memories, can't wait for October!

Love my ladies!

Well, hello out there

OMG!!! yes, I am alive.....yes, I DID have a baby 7 weeks ago.....yes, I DID change my blog to update it FINALLY.....yes, I am going to fill you in on the newest things in my life! NO, not tonight, I just finished trying to figure ALL this crap out (the changing the blog thing!!) So, I will be updating about my life later....not now....mama's gotta go to bed, baby will be up soon to eat!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

X-Mas, New Years, & preggo updates:

Oh boy, oh boy where to begin??

First - Christmas recap:

Our Christmas this year was, as usual busy, busy, busy. Never a dull moment when you have two large families to visit within a 2 day period. I know I always complain about having to make the "rounds" at Christmas time, but honestly it's all we've ever done and it always ends up being a good time....tiring, but fun, especially this year being 36 weeks preggers and jotting from house to house, let's just say I should've/could've been more of a team player this year! :( Anywho, Christmas was great at that! Donnie was excited about pretty much everything from his Spike the Dinosaur (Jr., I might add) to me opening socks in my stocking, he "ewwwwwed & awwwwwed" about most all the gifts we opened, it was pretty funny. Nolan enjoyed watching, he wasn't too much of a participant this year, oh how soon that will end.:) I also, might add that the kids did amazingly well at the Christmas Eve Mass this year, pretzels and gummies kept them satisfied...thank-you Lord! Not sure what has happened since, but they've been at each other's throats the last few days.... don't ya just love how kids can change in the blink of an eye! :/ Oh, my I almost forgot to add the BEST gift Donnie received this year....take a look, we'll be heading up to Dee-triot City tomorrow for the show & dinner! My brother is an Event Accountant for Joe Louis, Fox Theatre, Cobo.... so, these tickets were his X-Mas gift to us, how sweet is that!? Let me fill you in, as I'm sure lot's of you reading already know Donnie is obsessed with Dino's, and when I say obsessed I mean it, most of our life with Donnie involves something to do with Dino's on a daily/hourly basis... cartoons, books, Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, even his conversations always end up leading back to Dino's somehow, someway.... even his preschool teacher mentioned his "love" for Dinosaurs....(mmhmmm, I know what she really meant was obsession)! So, tomorrow is the day, here we come Dino's!

Second - New Years:

Didn't do anything too exciting on New Years Eve....had to miss out on the Barczak's New Years Eve Bash, Bummer! :( Both of the boys were sick with fever's, so we stayed home and celebrated with take-out & a movie, not so bad. I did have to miss out on the highlight of my evening which would've been the lucky "nut" tree, cracking my walnut to see what the New Year had in store for me...Boo! But, Don and I did manage to relax and watch "He's just Not that into you", I liked it, made me think of my single, those seem like forever ago! It gave me a few good laughs. :)

New Years Resolutions:

1) Patience (is a virtue)....that I NEED help! No really, I'm going to work on my patience this year, as I know I'll need it. With baby #3 on the way, in just 3 short weeks... work, motherhood/wifehood, classes, & other obligations, I need to just have some patience with things.
2) Relieving stress in a healthy manner....(something other than getting angry, yelling, or turning to alcohol ;). I do need to make sure I try to exercise this year, somehow I've got to make it a routine...I used to exercise a lot, like waaaaay back in the day, I would exercise almost daily (whaaaa, seriously where did those days go?)! Not only did it help me stay in shape, but it's always been a huge stress reliever for me. So, I'm going to try REALLY hard to do something at least 3-4 times a week, even if it's only for 20 min.

3) Pregnancy:

Well, it's coming to an end here soon, almost finished, I can't believe I'm actually saying that....only 3 weeks left! I'm 37 weeks right now & feeling larger than life! My legs and feet are swollen, making it uncomfortable to be on them for very long. So happy that it's almost the day when we get to meet the newest addition to our family, but I'm also anxious, scared, overwhelmed....not really sure how the adjustments going to be with 3 kids vs. 2, and all kids still being very young, ugh! just gets me anxious thinking about it! Someone PLEASE tell me I'll live through it! I know things will fall into place eventually, routines will happen, the kids & mommy/daddy will adjust, but I'm just still nervous.

Oh, yeah, NO NAME STILL: much help is needed! A few ideas:

* Rhenner (Don, not a fan...)
* Fynn
* Connor
* Harrison
* Cole

Give me your thoughts...PLEASE, or this baby is going to have NO NAME when he enters the world, poor little guy!

** Gotta go, pics. to come, I've got X-Mas shots of the boys, not sure where they ended up though??**