Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long time comin' .....

Oh, geez, well I am still alive.... alive and well! Okay, maybe not well, but I'm surviving over here. ;)

Yes, we have our new addition to our family, Mr. Adrian, my happy, little (not really) angel baby. He is SO wonderful. He's beautiful. He's sweet. He's content. He's lovable. He's perfect in every way! I'm not going to use him as my excuse NOT to blog, but I will say, going from 2 children to 3 has totally 'rocked my world', when I do have a free minute I guess I've been choosing to not really do much anything productive; maybe Real housewives DVR's or FB, but no nothing too productive, pathetic I know. While Adrian is definitely ALL of those things I just mentioned, it's still been a whirlwind with having 3 children under the age of 4! I'm still trying to catch my breath....

So, I guess I'll start with the journaling process, then maybe move onto pics. another day. I'm trying to figure out how best to catch up on 2 months of non-blogging (gaaah)!! :P

Donnie: Wow, has he turned into a little BOY, truly a little boy before my very own eyes. Where to begin....?? He still has his LOVE of dinosaurs.... pteranadon's & pterodactyl's are still his favorites, but he'll play with any and all of them. I like to call Donnie my little scientist! He's all about nature, bugs, snakes, crocs., toads, dino fossils, you name it, when it comes to nature and the outdoors, he ALL about it!! I truly adore Donnie's age right now. He amazes me everyday with the new things he learns, the kind of conversations he has with me, and his wonderful "big-brotherness" w/ his 2 younger bro's. Everyday it's like a new adventure for him.... what is he gonna find outside; where are the butterflies, bugs, snakes; how long of a skid mark can he make with his bike; how far can he jump or throw a baseball; what new animal can he make with play-doh; what new book is he gonna choose at bedtime; and the list goes on. I absolutely just ADORE him right now, the last few months have been a blast!! I hope he continues to be my little adventurer and continue to have that zest for life, that excitement, I think that is what I love the most about him right now.... his 'live in the moment' attitude and his innocence. It kinda makes me teary eyed. :( My 'baby' is growing up!

Nolan: OH, then there's Nolan! Aiy-yi-yi!! Okay, well really he's not BAD, he's just different than my first born! Nolan also has a zest for life, let me tell ya a REAL zest for life! :) I don't really know how else to say it but that Nolan is a wild man, he has two volumes... loud & louder! I know some of you reading this are saying "no, he's really not wild", but at home and outside in public are two different things. At home Nolan is my wild child.... jumping off couches, diving into pillows, starting pillow fights, chasing his BIG brother around the house screaming, and yes.... he chases him and wrestles him to the ground, etc...etc.... In 'public' Nolan is actually shy, he doesn't like to talk much, he stays very close to us, he tends to get scared easy. Which is SO total opposite of how he is at home! So, while Nolan is my wild man at home, he is more of my shy boy in social settings outside of home..... interesting little devil he is! With that said.... hidden behind his crazy exterior Nolan is also my sensitive and sweet little boy. While he's a brute, and my rough and tumble little boy with the dirty face, scabbed knees, and crazy hair, he's also my shy, sensitive, little man. Nolan has also had the hardest time adjusting with adding a new baby to our family, it has been a big adjustment for him. He was only 19 months when I had Adrian and he was/is a baby (well, turning into a toddler), but he did have to grow up quick, kind-a too quick, and it's something I still feel a little guilty about. I have guilt that Nolan never got a chance to have enough one-on-one time with us; that I expected him to be a grown little boy when Adrian was born, because Momma had the demands of a newborn; and that I just didn't have the patience I should have right after Adrian's birth or sometimes now for that matter (it's a daily struggle, but I'm only human, doing the best I can right now). Well, what's done is done, not much I can do now, but sometimes it would be nice to turn back the hands-of-time and know then what I know now. :*( At any rate, he's a happy healthy little boy and that's all I can ask for. :) I love my Rolly Nolly!!

Adrian: Aaaahhhh, my Little Adrian Micheal (as Donnie likes to say)! He is my sweetheart. This little boy has totally stolen my heart. :) Like I said, he's happy, content, sweet, cuddly, etc... all of the above. I just can't imagine our lives without him, he fits right into our family. I think I have to do a separate blog post on him, since I need to show his birth video, his newborn pics., the story of his birth *and what a massive little man he was*!! Ugh.... I don't even know where to begin! Okay, yes, I've decided Adrian will get a separate blog post.

** good for now **

**I'm tired and off to bed**