Saturday, January 31, 2009


This article just disturbs me.... am I crazy or is this irresponsible in SO many aspects!? Seriously, what is wrong with some people!!!?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Yay!! My Birthday! *SMILE*

Happy 28th to ME!!

Out with the old, in with the new..... in more ways than one. If there's anything I've learned this year that's it! Some good & some not so good (okay, just plain out crappy), but either way, I'm a better person for it. :)

*Have a good night, I know I will....dinner & margaritas with my hubby & cousin. Fun Times!*

A more thoughtful post to follow........

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ugh, it's Sunday, again....

Another weekend came and went.... I swear, it feels like I'm a hamster on a spinning wheel that never stops!! Anyone else wonder where there weekend's go & where were you when it passed so quickly!?

Friday: Another fun scrap night at Nicole's, with Jane, Lori, Rachel & Lynne. I have been really good about actually making the commitment to myself to try to scrap at least once a month, since one day I would really love to have my children & myself be able to look back at all those great memories. Plus, it's a nice, relaxing creative outlet for me. Can't say it's too good on my waistline though.... pizza, cookies, Margaritas.... :) (Don, actually told me..... if I get too tipsy just spend the night, geez what have these scrap nights come too, a booze fest... my husband has to tell me to stay the night! Haha!)

Saturday: Had dinner with a friend from school, Sheri (a first grade teacher), a lot of our students think me & Ms. Jones (Sheri) look alike, and for the longest time we had our classes thinking we were sister's..... mean aren't we? Just a little humor to get us through the day! She is an amazing cook though, she does the "real" cooking as I called it.... I said that after I saw her with a meat thermometer, I was amazed that she actually cooked the meat to the exact temperature for med. rare; not to mention her homemade mac & cheese, cheesy potatoes, & green bean casserole.....dang girl, just for the Huff's, we must be pretty special! hehe! But, as for my "real" cooking habits, I don't have those kind of killa skillz (as the hubs likes to say:) in that department, I always just look to make sure the inside of the meat isn't bloody & we're good to go..... I guess my cooking must be "fake" cooking ;)

And now it's Sunday already: I said to myself earlier this week, okay, Fri. & Sat. I(we) have plans.....Sunday, I'm doing nothing, but staying home and doing chores around the house or just doing nothing. Well, I called Nicole to bragg (I mean motivate;) her to start walk/run, by telling her I actually got my fat butt on the treadmill today & walked/slow jogged 2.2 miles!! Yay Katie!! My legs are already tight, what's that tell ya?...I know I'll be sorry tomorrow, but no pain no gain right? Anyways, when I called the first thing she says is... "are you taking Donnie ice skating today?" .... damn, I forgot about that; and I've been telling the poor boy we were going to go ice skating for the past 2 weeks now and we have yet to see the ice! So, of course my reply was yes. So, there ya go another weekend came & went, and I don't even remember sitting down!! (Besides, scrapbooking, but that doesn't count....I was still doing something physical, like lifting my arms to eat more pizza & drink a margarita....bahaha! I'm pathetic!)

Hopefully, next weekend I'll be able to relax a little. Friday is my birthday, so I think at some point during the weekend Don and I are going out to dinner for some alone adult time!

Okay, gotta go & get ready for the rest of my fun filled weekend..... Oh, not to mention after ice skating we're going to my in-laws for dinner! Man, I almost forgot about that too, great I'm getting chubby & starting to develop a bad memory.... Ugh! It's a bitch getting old!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Pictures, good times great oldies...

Don't you love it when you go through old photos and find pictures you haven't even looked at.
The guys weekend at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin ........

Chuck, a good friend of ours, scary I know, he's definitely one of a kind. He grew out this horrendous beard for this game, weird I know! ..... We like to call him "Chuck Diesel". Haha! He just makes me laugh! :)

Jade, looks like he's ready for the winter game at Lambeau! I have a feeling Jade can get a little crazy.... am I wrong Leslie? :)

(Ryan Barczak)
RyBar 81 as Don likes to call him..... thoroughly enjoying the boys weekend.

And last, but not least, Big D. himself. Loving the "no wifey weekend" in Wisconsin.


Other random shots of my babies ........

Monday, January 19, 2009

My prayer......

Dear Lord....

I really NEED your help today. In a BAD way. I'm trying to potty train my 3 yr. old... yup, that's right he's 3, please don't gimme any shit about it! While I thought this might go smoothly, Ummmm, not so much. I've also got a 7 1/2 month old baby crawling around, pulling himself up, and very curious about all the bad stuff.... cords, outlets, the usual "No, No's". So while, I'm trying to make my 3 yr. old go the bathroom every 20 min., because he just can't understand why he can't piss all over the floor and himself, I've got a lug of a 7 month old downstairs getting into (or trying too) God knows what, and having to carry him upstairs with me every 20 min. is a real pain in the a$$ (sorry, for swearing God, but believe me it's much better than what I really wish I could be doing right now)!

My prayer today...

Please give me patience with my 3 yr. old son, as I do not want to hurt him or myself (i.e. poking my eyes out with a fork; screaming/beating him for leaving puddles of pee on the floor & letting his little brother crawl through it...not once, but twice, & not telling Mommy; or any other physical/emotional abuse you can do to a 3 yr. old. while trying to potty train!

Please give me sanity, as I do not want to be smashed when my husband gets home from work tonight, because I drank the rest of the Bacardi bottle or wine that is just staring at me and calling my name every time I pass the pantry today!

Please grant me forgiveness when ( I mean if ) I do any of these God-forsaken things to myself or my child today ... or when some horrified mother reads this blog and calls CPS on me....

And God .... I promise I WILL use birth control at least for the next year & 1/2 ... this is not my idea of fun! And please somehow lead me back to this post when I'm feeling the urge for another child before both of my boys are potty trained!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


YAYYYY!!! FINALLY, we have a snow day at Jackson Public Schools! Technically a "cold day" as the wind chill is like -20 degrees, or something insanely cold like that.... so, they figured it was too cold for the kiddies to be waiting for buses in this weather...I couldn't agree more:)Brrrrrrr! I was SO happy when I turned on the news to see Jackson Public Schools run across the bottom of the screen on the TV... ahhhh *sigh* of relief, I always hold my breath when it comes to the "J's" in alphabetical order. I always know the "usual" schools that call off if there's even an inch of snow on the ground, but it seems like my School District has to have the national weather service call our Superintendent to call off a day for us.... (you can't tell I'm a little bitter, can you? LOL ;) Anyways ... It. Is. FRIGID out today! And the crazy person that I am, I might try to pack up my crew and head out to the Gap to use up a Christmas gift certificate that's burning a hole in my pocket!

*Try to keep warm if you're in Michigan*

Happy "snow day" Thursday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Donnie

(January 11, 2006)

A look back at the life of Donnie Huff as a 2 yr. old...... summed up in a few brief words:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Hockey & Baseball

  • Riding a "real big bike" w/ training wheels

  • Friends you talks about often ... Hannah, Nathan, Porter, Javon, Jamar, Jayla, Carl, Gab, Reagan, & Eve (all his cousin's except one ;) ha!

  • Your first "real" Big Boy Bed

  • Favorite Channel: Noggin (you even know how to turn the remote on! Sad, I know..)

  • Favorite TV Shows: Go Diego, Go; Franklin; Little Bear; Wow, Wow Wubbzy; Max & Ruby

  • Favorite Movie: Madagascar.... hands down, no competition here folks!

  • Favorite Animals: Snakes, Dinosaurs, Praying Mantises, Frogs, more Snakes, & more dinosaurs

  • The Dahlem Center

  • Your "unconditional brotherly Love" for Rolly-Noly :)... NOT!
  • Kung-Fuing Nolan (and everything else in sight) just a few weeks after he came home from the hospital ;) That one is etched in my memory!

  • Quotes we heard ALOT "Wow, that was freaky!", "Oh, Pickles", "Oh, Donuts", "NO Nowan", "Melllllk make me feel better!"

  • Lots of Play-Doh

  • Transformers

  • Mommy became your friend this year, along with Daddy......finally, I didn't know if I'd ever make it into that category :)

Happy Birthday Little D...... you make us smile everyday, you're a great buddy little guy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

3:00 AM wake up call

Funny story.....

Donnie is finally in a "Big Boy" bed.... he has a new (well, new painted :) full size bed. He was really excited about sleeping in it and having his whole room changed to a "Big Boy Room", it was so cute to watch him jumping around on this big ol' bed when I'm used to seeing him in a crib, although he's pretty little anyways so he seemed to fit just right in his crib still....haha! (yeah btw, the jumping was allowed only to get him totally excited about the new bed, as this has been a challenge in the past)! So, he went to sleep very easy, Don read a story and layed down with him for a few minutes... and fell asleep of course, he always does this.....he closes his eyes for a minute & he's out, it gets so annoying having to wake him up in Donnie's room every night, plus Donnie is totally fine falling asleep on his own, the nights I put him down are a breeze! Anyways, Don says to Donnie last night "Now Donnie when you get up in the morning you can just go downstairs, turn the TV on and watch cartoons" *gasp* WHAT WERE YOU THINKING DON? I know it sounds great, being able to sleep in, but I know better than to trust a 3 yr. old little boy downstairs ALONE, really such a male type thing to do... sorry for the man bashing, just a little! I couldn't believe he actually said this though .... all I was thinking is great my kid's going to feel that he can just wander downstairs anytime he wants, turn on Noggin and have a good ol' time without Mommy & Daddy knowing!!! What was Don thinking?? Well, just as I predicted, that's exactly what happened at 3:00am last night, Donnie on the couch with his blanket and horse (this BIG, honkin' horse he has to sleep with every night) & ready to turn on the TV with the remote!! What the heck.... LOL!

Good job hubby ;) Mommy really does know best!

Wish us luck tonight, I don't really need to be getting up with my 3 yr. old in the middle of the night only to find him watching Go Diego, Go at 3am., while my 8 month old sleeps a solid 12 hrs. every night.... ha! go figure!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ringin' in the New Year

Happy New Year.......

This year was a REALLY fun New Years Eve for us, actually since we had Donnie it's the first time that we've actually done something besides sit home, or with family and watch movies eating popcorn trying to keep our eyes open till' was nice to get out and feel like New Year's Eve is something to celebrate! We spent the evening with a lot of fun people, old faces, new faces, and even a psychic, which by the way was a highlight of my don't go getting all "morally correct" on me, I'm not some black magic worshiper/devil was simply for fun, no more than just a little glimpse into what maybe my life might have in store for me....even if it did mean a car accident soon approaching, yes he actually said that to me....Eeeeek, but I guess I should have already known that since he told me I have psychic ability...LOL!! Nicole definitely went for the "Wow Factor", because those of you who know me, know that I'm consumed with the "Wow Factor" when it comes to the holiday's......NOT ( just a little inside joke there). But, anyways she did have a great party, lots of food, games, and the ever classic "nut tree"....haha! That was most definitely the best laughs of the night, as I couldn't even finish reading mine and I was cracking up....since, we placed "in bed" behind the fortune! I think mine read something like "Your patience will pay off sooner rather than later....... in bed"...hahaha!! And by the way, just a shot out to Drew...... you did a great job of being "the nut passer outer" LOL!

I hope your New Year 2009, is everything you wish for..... health, happiness, love, whatever it may be, I hope it may be granted to you....

**My New Year's goals for 2009...... to exercise more, exercise my spirituality more, and focus on the good in life and people, (God is good & good things happen to good I need to remind myself of this!)**


In other news: Our New Year's was blessed with joy and sorrow a family very near and dear to us are hurting in an unimaginable way, they unexpectedly lost their precious baby boy who was only 1 month old. This is something words can not describe, it is truly an unimaginable tragedy and all I can do is pray for them in their tragic lose..... Please send a prayer their way, as I know faith may be the only comfort that anyone can have in a moment like this.