Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mackinac Island

This is Donnie's new best friend......Meagan McGowan, what a sweety!! I wanted to take her home with us!

There was a wedding there on Saturday too, I got to see a pretty bride....it was a picture perfect setting for a wedding!

I'm sad that our Mackinac Island trip is over....we had such a great time!!! It is always so much fun to see and spend time with The McGowan families that we usually don't get to see, except for the family reunion once a year. It was definitely a full house, I think we counted 57 people ....and I got to see some "real" Irish drinking, the very competitive nature of MJ's brothers & the sport of crochet....which I was never aware off (the competitive part that is), and the witty sense of humor that they all share....they crack me up!!

The Stonecliffe Inn was amazing, it was absolutely beautiful, I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of staying on Mackinac Island, the only slight downfall is that it's about a mile outside of town......so you have to walk or bike, (we definitely got our exercise last weekend), or you can take the easy way out & do the horse and carriage ride **beware, the smell is pretty bad from the horses in the summer time if you know what I mean!! LOL!!**

Donnie had a blast, he was in heaven with ALL the kids, the horses, the bike riding, the pool, and everything else there was to do on the Island. It was hard to get him to take a nap or even put him to bed at night.....most of the other kids were staying up way later than he was, but they were also older and could handle the late nights a little better than he could. Usually we had him to bed at a some-what decent time....uhhhhh, maybe like 9ish-10ish.....eeeekkk, that doesn't sound like a decent time at all when I actually say it!! Ha! Ha! Oh, well we were on vacation!!

To say the least, Don and I also had a great time too. We were able to have some beers at night after we laid Donnie down, listened to all the 20yr. olds talking about their previous wild night at the Mackinac bars, chit-chat with Don's cousins/aunts/uncles, and just have some much needed adult time! Ahhhhh...it was so nice. I can't wait to do it again next year, I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Okay, one last post before I have to stop & start getting ready for our trip, but I couldn't miss "Thoughts for Thursday." Here we go..... time for me to rant & rave!

I know many of you who are reading this either have kids, or teach kids, or are around kids enough to understand what I'm talking about....well, maybe. But my BIG question is where has the RESPECT gone for authority?? And not only authority figures, but adults in general?? This is something that just Urrrkkks me....drives me insane actually, when children feel that they do not have to show adults respect!! I know that it is probably in my face a lot more than most people, because I'm an elementary teacher and I see it on a regular basis when I'm at school, so maybe it just gets to me a little more than others.....but, I know all of you have seen it in one form or another and know exactly what I'm talking about.

I don't understand why kids feel that they can speak to adults the way they do, either by talking back, using sarcasm, using disrespectful language around them, not listening when being spoken too or reprimanded, or just flat out telling them to F&%*# off- yes, I've actually heard elementary kids in school tell there teacher or even their principal that (extreme case!)......what the.....??? I just don't understand, how and why are kids so disrespectful today??? Maybe my memory is foggy, but I don't think I heard many kids back talk the teacher when I was in school...... did you?? Now don't think that I'm talking every child in school does this by any means, but their are students who do act this way and it floors me. Not only at school either, but I hear it ALL the time, kids speaking to their parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighbors, parents friends, whomever......it's as though, they think they have the God given right to talk to people however they want! I personally don't remember ever back talking an adult at a young age (maybe my mom, a little in junior high) or if I did it sure wasn't to their face, and if I did there were some BIG consequences to face!!

Am I living in a fantasy world or should children show adults respect??....I don't care who they are....if it's an adult, you are to be respectful of them! I know that children are not perfect and I don't expect them to be, they all make mistakes, and all children at one point or another back talk, but to me it's just gotten out of control! I do believe it is good to teach your child to stand up for themselves and feel they have a voice and be able to voice their opinions, but to an extent, especially when they are speaking to an adult.

What are your thoughts??

Oh, Boy! I better stop there.....I could go on and on with this subject!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few more days....

Only a few more days and we're off on vacation!!!!....YEAH!! We are actually going to The McGowan family reunion (MaryJo/Mother-in-laws family) Friday -Monday, and there will be a ton of people their, MaryJo has 12 siblings WOW! All but 2 are coming, so it will be 10 siblings plus there children, plus their children's children......= FULL HOUSE!

We're staying on Mackinac Island at The Inn at Stonecliffe, it looks like a great place, not just like a "normal" hotel, it should be interesting I'm excited to see it! I can't wait to just get up there and relax, not have to worry about house chores, decorating, school/work.....just hang out with the family, have a few drinks, and relax. Donnie will be in heaven too, there are no cars on the Island so everyone has to ride bikes or walk, we'll be taking our bikes...I'm sure Donnie will be ready and waiting with his helmet on!! Ha! Ha!

I'll be MIA in the blogging world for a few days, but I'll have soooo much to read when I get back....Yeah!! I think I've officially turned into a blog junkie!

Just waiting......

This is a normal day for Donnie, he waits and he waits....for his Dad to get home from work, and take him for a bike ride and of course, he waits with his helmet on. It's not that I don't want to ride with him on my bike, it's just that his seat is already attached to Don's bike & I can't reach the peddles to well, so I'm afraid to start riding and who knows what will happen....I'm not the most coordinated person on a bike...LOL!! It's very cute though, because when he goes over to the bike....usually in the afternoon when we're outside, he points to the bike and I tell him that we'll all take a bike ride when Daddy gets home from work, then he hands me his helmet I put it on and he just keeps it on. Ha! Ha! Really he'll keep it on for a good 30-45 min. just waiting for Don to get home. It's so funny to see him playing with other things with his bike helmet on....he'll play with his lawn mower, get on the Tractor, play with his soccer ball.....all with the helmet on, I can't help but laugh! I wonder what people think when they drive by??

Monday, July 23, 2007

WOW !!!

Today, I made my very first trip to IKEA in Canton and all I could say was WOW-my head was spinning (Heather, I didn't realize it was like that)!! That place is amazing, it may be literally the largest furniture store I've ever been to, no I take that back it is definitely the largest furniture store I've ever been to! If you have not been, it sure is a sight to see.... not only does it have furniture, but everything else known to man! It was a really fun trip, I went with my mother-in-law & of course it's always an adventure when you go anywhere with MaryJo...for those of you who don't know her, I'll just say she's a little eccentric!!....I guess that's the best word I can find to describe her. We rode with her, since we both had to get a few big items and she has a Yukon, so things could fit much easier in her car than in my Volvo. And the whole ride up there she kept telling me how much she hates driving in Detroit traffic that she never does it, and I kept telling her we really weren't in Detroit....more like Ann Arbor area (which is totally different than Detroit City), then when we were leaving at about 5pm. with all the 5o'clock traffic......once again she kept telling me she couldn't believe she was actually driving in this horrible Detroit traffic.....it was quite amusing watching her, I had to laugh!!! She also had a DVD player in the car & Donnie was mesmerized by it...I don't know if it was a good thing or bad thing for him, seeing as though we don't have one & now he's gotten a taste of "The Good Life"- Yikes!! But, I'm seriously thinking of investing in one of those things....it may just be our saving grace on the long trip up to Mackinac & the U.P. here in the next few weeks, I don't know yet we'll see....

Okay, well anyways, the whole reason I went there was to get a toy organizer for our family room downstairs. This is kind-of the T.V./playroom....I'm really trying to keep Donnie's overload of toys confined to one area in our house, I just can't believe the amount of toys we've accumulated over the past 18months - it's unbelievable & kinda scary!! Therefore, it's time for some organization and some throwing away....yup, that's right, some of Donnie's toys I'm just tossing (well, probably taking to good will)!!! Of course none of the really nice ones that I've bought him or things that he's still using or things my other children /child? will use, but definitely some of those old junkie toys that he and I could care less about.....it's just time for them to be gone!! Ughhhhh...I'm getting so sick of the clutter, I need to organize...I can't wait to get it set up!!

Of course, he also got a few other little things while we were there, I just couldn't resist everything was sooooo cheap!! MaryJo is the one who did the most damage though, she had to finish decorating her 2nd cottage so she needed .....rugs, accessories, bowls..... I can't even remember what else, my brain is fried after spending a long day at Ikea!! My next trip will have to be an ALL day event, we were there for only a few hours and I feel like we just skimmed the surface.....those of you who are regulars know what I mean.

Friday, July 20, 2007

"Thoughts for Thursday" ...... on Friday!

Okay, I'm going to try this "Thoughts for Thursday"...even though it is Friday....oh! well! And by the way...this is a very "materialistic" random thoughts posting, just thought I'd share that before you start reading.

*What are your indulgences??*

Is it clothes?
Kids toys?
Home decorative?
Scrapbooking materials?
**gulp** should I say....sex??

Anything.....what is it?? What do you like to indulge in??

*Along with this, is it about "quality" or "quantity" for you??

Would you rather spend $200 on a great pair of shoes from Nordstrom's or $200 on a whole new wardrobe from Target?

Hair & nails done at a great salon or box colors from Loreal?

A used computer or brand new laptop??

20 Garage sale toys...or 5 new "Melissa & Doug"/"Manhattan toys"?

A pair of "True Religion"/ "Silvers" jeans or "Mossimo"?

Big Lots or Pottery Barn??

**And please don't think, I'm knocking Target/Walmart or you for shopping there, I do too.....I'm just intersted in your thoughts!**

Thursday, July 19, 2007

On my mind.....

That would be the subject of work, my teaching position, which technically I'm not teaching at the moment since I'm on summer break and I'm also laid-off......which amazingly, doesn't concern me that much - being laid off that is. All of the teachers in their first few (2) years of teaching in JPS are laid-off and the majority of the time their all called back before the school year starts up in the Fall. But....this year things are a little different than the last few....they just recently closed done one of our Elementary buildings, which leaves ALL of those teachers having to be placed at other schools in the district, which ultimately affects me being placed in a building.

Then, I'm worried about what building I'll be placed at.....see initially my first option is to job-share a second grade position at the building I was at last year, but it will not be finalized until I'm called back & our NEW Principal okays it. I'm also not guaranteed he will okay it, or that the school board has okayed it (you've gotta love politics!!). So, if I'm not at Bennett School, where will I be??? = YIKES! I'll just say there are a few schools which would not be my first choice to be a teacher. I'm just a little nervous, because when you enjoy a school so much, you feel like part of a good team, you enjoy your students, you get along with your principal, & you have made good friends there.....it's just really hard to start over from scratch with a new school ..... (I know that some of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about)!!

Then, and finally, the thing that worry me most of all......if I have to work full-time next year, what will I do with Donnie?? Last year I was helped out by family, which was a blessing, but things are a little different this year and we are going to need some outside help IF I HAVE to work full-time. I know that I can find a good, loving daycare provider if I have too, but it's not my first choice.

As, you may be able to tell, I'm just a little bit concerned with the coming Fall. And I'm such a creature of habit....I like things the same, things that I'm comfortable with.....that may be a downfall sometimes, but that's just who I am and I'm happy with who I am.

**And yes, I am very grateful that I even have a job in the horrible economic state Michigan is in right now.
** And yes, I know that change is good and it's good to challenge yourself with new experiences.....even when you don't really want too.
**And of course, ALL children need to be educated and deserve a 100% from their teachers no matter what their school environment is like.....these are all the things I tell myself to keep things in perspective....but, it's just on my mind.....

Ughhhhhhh....Life is such a balancing act, and priorities are completely different when you have a child and become a parent.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Donnie's 18 month check up.....and what a kid, let me tell ya!!

Well, it went pretty good...no shots this time, YEAH!! Just a physical and blah, blah, blah, from Dr. Tim. Donnie is doing great he weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs. and he's 32 inches long, he was also doing a little flirting with the new physician in the practice Dr. Williams - she was shadowing Dr. Tim for the day (which by the way, she seemed great...if any of you cared to know).

First, he goes through the whole...."He's very healthy, just not a Sumo Wrestler...Ha! Ha!" He says that everytime!!....I guess he must forget. Then onto the eating nutritionally, fine motor skills - holding silverware, scribbling w/crayons, talking & how many words he knows (which isn't a lot by the way & only I know what the heck he's saying), blah...blah..blah...the rest of the Dr. mumbo jumbo. And then, he gets to the temper tantrum speech and just as he's going into this Donnie decides to get his Gerber Graham Cracker Cookies out of his diaper bag......& OH BOY!!! here we go..... Donnie brings me the bag, mind you I'm trying to listen about all the RIGHT tips Dr. Tim has for me about dealing with tantrums and the best ways to discipline when your child is having a fit. So, I gently say, "Donnie after Dr. Tim looks at you, I'll give you a cookie".... (because I do keep them in the diaper bag for him to snack on)....Well, that wasn't gonna cut it! This is about the time Donnie gets fed up with mommy not paying attention to him and decides to THROW the bag of cookies at me, WHAM!! they hit me in the boobs & fall on the ground, at this point Donnie is whining/crying -actually a combination of the two (my personal fav.!!), so, I'm trying to ignore him because I'm so embarrassed that my kid is acting this way in the Dr.'s office..... he then picks up the bag and tries to rip the bag open with his teeth.....as if he's an ANIMAL or something, he's going into this all out rage (or, should I say TANTRUM)!! So, I say in a kind-of a laughing manner (because I felt like an idiot & was trying to act calm)...."Well, he hasn't had his afternoon nap yet, I think he's must be ready! Ha! Ha!" Ughhhh......THANKS Donnie, how embarrassing! All the while I'm saying this Dr. Tim is giving me those eyes saying, "Come on Mom let's see how you deal with it".....I felt like I was doing a "real life" scenario test in the Dr.'s office to see if I was able to get my Mommy's License or something!

Finally, after Donnie was on the table things calmed done, Donnie composed himself (after Dr. Tim just went & picked him up), I started to babble about our vacation plans to Dr. Williams and all was good in the office again. Ahhhhh....a sigh of relief! And I'm sure things weren't as bad as they seemed, but you know when people are watching and you just don't feel like you're going to do the right thing.....when ALL eyes are on you - especially your Pediatrician's?? I'm just glad were home.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

A few pictures from the weekend.....

Sunday morning feeding the ducks at Cascades Pond....

And chasing them away!!!

Yeah, this is the shirt Donnie had on when we picked him up the night before from his Grandma & Grandpa Senn's house....Yup, it says, "Just another PERFECT DAY at Grandma's"...LOL!!

This is Donnie's very first fishing trip with his Dad, Uncle Blair, and Uncle Ira....he had a blast!!

Isn't he sooooooo stinkin' cute!!! I just wanna eat him up!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Fast Food Nation"

Alright, Ill just start by saying this is probably going to be very much a rambling post....which seems to be what I like to do most of the time! Anyways, my husband and I couldn't decide what to eat last night for dinner, it was late, Donnie was getting irritable and we had to resort to the fast food calling.....which as you will see after this post, is not a very easy option for me and my family. Don and I have totally different feelings about fast food, well not some much feelings, I should say we don't share the same passion for fast food. LOL! This is my take on fast food, of course I know it's horrible for me - not ALL (like the salads), but most of the things I like on the menu's, like a Big Mac, a Whopper, a Nacho Bellgrande (my absolute favorite fast food item in the WHOLE universe...I really truly have a passoin for those), a mini White Castle burger....I KNOW these are not nutritional at all, and their probably not even "real" meat, but yet their so good. And every once in a while I just get these cravings for McD's fries, or Burger King, or almost anything at Taco Bell (A.K.A. to my husband...Toxic Hell....how dare he!!?). So, I say to Don " let's get some fast food, how about Taco Bell"....his reply, "Ughhhhh, Toxic Hell, Katie have you seen the people that work there....Ewwww, I don't want THAT!), okay...."what about McDonald's"...his reply..."Katie do you want me to tell you what Ryan M. told me about what's in the burgers at fast food joints" , okay fine...." let's go get some Chinese (not technically "fast food"...right?).....Don's reply..."NO WAY, I don't trust Chinese food, have you ever smelled those places." It's like I can't WIN!!! What the heck, my husband won't share the love of fast food with me....Why??? But, once in while, he'll give in to Toxic Hell and I know I should be happy, right...?....Well, about a half hour after we eat Don thinks he's sick, he all of the sudden has a horrible stomach ache. Ughhh... I'm thinking come on Don give me a flippin' break!! And this is not his only food issue, I have to put up with Expiration Date Phobia....if it's anywhere near the date he thinks it's bad and he'll get sick - drives me nuts!!!

Oh, yeah....just wanted to give a special thanks to Ryan M. for making matters worse with whatever you told Don about fast food burgers...THANKS!! LOL!

Also, a shout out to all you fast food cravers...I know you're out there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Where to start??? That's the question of the day for me. I've just been very unmotivated lately, well I should say with my new house anyways. I love our new home, but I just don't know where to begin....it is in some desperate need of decorating!! I should start by saying our house is completely white inside, every room, which is not terrible but it's not my first choice either. We have most of our things put away or at least in a spot for the time being, but it just doesn't feel like home to me without some paint on the walls, pictures hung, and my decorative accessories in their place. I keep telling myself that it WILL get done, just be patient, but right now my patience is running out....I just need to get off my butt, go buy some paint colors and start!! Now let me give you a description of my last few weeks in the house... and this will show how unmotivated I really am....

A normal day for Donnie and Me:
get up/ eat breakfast
play outside
nap (Donnie), and I normally do something other than work on the house...
eat lunch
play outside, go swimming, do errands, visit friends/grandparents
Don gets home....
eat dinner
bath / bedtime
computer or T.V. or phone
bed for me

Oh yeah, that's another dilema, what color should I paint??? I pretty much know the tones I like = earth tones (browns, blacks, taupes....maybe a rust). But, all of the sudden I'm having these brilliant ideas going through my head...like....maybe I should switch the dining room to a rust/red color instead of brown, or maybe I should do the living room in taupe instead of a green, or maybe I should do the sunroom in a green instead of khaki....Uhhhh!!! But, then of course if I do those changes will my pictures go with the new colors, or maybe I'll just have to go buy new pictures.....I mean really, what IS my problem??!! I hope I'm not the only insane decorator out there. And then to make matters worse/ or I should say harder, like I can really get anything done with an 18 month old running around. And yes, of course Don is willing to help with these projects, but his main focus has been on the lawn/landscaping of our home...which is in some need of TLC and can turn into quite the project....therefore it leaves ME for the inside, which I have been totally useless with.

Okay, know that I have just babbled about my home project.... pretty pathetic that I can't just pick colors and decorate!! I guess I should say that we really are enjoying our new home. It's very spacious, beautifully landscaped, and in a great kid-oriented neighborhood. Donnie loves the yard, especially the hills in the front yard so he can throw every ball imaginable down the hill and watch mommy go and get it, hey at least I'm getting some exercise. Ha! Ha! He also, has gotten a kick out of the BIG Kubota Tractor daddy had to get to move some of the mounds of dirt we had in our back yard....every morning he points out the living room window and says diRrrr, diRrrr, that's his cute little way of telling me he wants to go outside and sit on the tractor -which we do everyday!! I don't think he realizes that soon the tractor will be out of our lawn...Uh Oh!! Anyways, when all is said and done I'm very thankful for our new home and I can't wait to watch our family grow into it!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Just hanging at the pool....

Okay this is actually my first personal post, my husband helped me set up this blog and he decided to be the first person to post on here, along with his cute little title... "Boy Meets Frog" or my favorite.... the ending to the last post Bless the Bloggers, LOL!! I just thought I'd let everyone know this is my first official post...Ha! Ha! (okay I feel like a dork now). And I'm still trying to figure this thing out...(like putting pictures on here) so that's why I have a post for July, 5th but didn't let anyone know about the blog!

I don't know about anybody else, but the last few days I've been miserably HOT!! I mean don't get me wrong I like the summer, but anything over 90 is just too hot for me. That's why I decided to take advantage of my in-laws pool.... since we live about a 1/2 minute from them my mother in-law-likes to call it "your own personal country club"...along with the rest of the family in town who can't stand the heat!! And let me tell you Donnie has quite the time over there, he thoroughly enjoys taking jugs, buckets, watering cans, or whatever he can get his hands on and filling them with pool water and dumping them all over the pool patio.... He even got Reagan and Eve to join in on the fun since they were over there swimming today. He also enjoys taking the little tikes riding toys, bringing them out of the garage into the pool area and giving them a good wash down..... I guess it's the small things in life that make us happy...like giving Grandma's pool patio or little tikes toys a good wash down!! All I know is Donnie sure has fun over at his Grandma and Grandpa Huff's pool playing with his cousins, uncles, and grandma!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I never thought I would become a blogger, but I am now part of this so called internet cult.....to be honest w/ you I'm a little excited, yet a little scared....but, I am ready to take on this so called adventure and post my deepest thoughts and feelings, yes I am ready to Blog!!!!!

Really I am just looking for way for friends and family to be able to see our little man grow....the little man being Donnie, who will be 18 months in 6 days. So feel free to check my blog, enjoy the pictures and feel free to make as many comments as you wish, hopefully we will be able to look back at this blog some day and it will help remind us of all the great adventures we have gone through as a family and as friends.

Bless the Blogger!