Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ahhhhhh *a good sigh*

Just a quick post.... to show I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth!! I just started working again....Ha! Story of my life. But anyways, quick update.
  • I'm LOVING, LOVING, my job, SO glad I bid on this position. It's been a LONG time coming..... I feel like my old self again, enjoying teaching, enjoying my staff members/principal, enjoying my kids, putting that extra effort in to make it a great year..... I do believe in "Karma", wait...(ewww....I guess maybe I did something really bad last year...hmmmmm? haha!) Well, this year I couldn't be any happier :)
  • Had open house tonight at school. Went really well, Don brought the boys by to say hi, meet my kids and principal.... Donnie had a little melt down, don't really know why?? Fun times let me tell ya! ....more on that later.
  • Went out to Outback Steakhouse this evening afterwards with a few teachers.....YUMMO! Nice to actually eat a warm meal with grown adults.
  • Sitting here putting a mini-schedule together for my cousin who's watching the boys tomorrow..... the only person Nolan really cries with, it's SO funny I have no idea why?? She's a little loud & crazy(so am I at times), but super good with kids & completely in love with my boys and for some strange reason Nolan always cries & won't look at her....he'll practically break his neck when she's holding him to look away...hehehe! This should be interesting, I don't know if I'll call and check in or not, I'm thinking I might be safer to just let them be and then ask when I get home or not ask.??
  • Oh...LORD, I almost forgot... having some interesting house decisions. Val came over the other day to look at our house & give Don a little info. on the current housing market (I'm sure you all know that was real positive ;) To make a loooooong story short my hubby & his Dad bought a foreclosure, remodeled the entire house, put a new kitchen in, new bathrooms, etc ..... pretty much gutted it. Do you see where this is going....? Yup... my "salesman" husband is always looking for a way to make some a few extra $. At any rate.... we'd like our house to go up on the market soon (2-3weeks).... right after we have our bathroom redone in the next week or two, Lord knows we don't do our own home projects (unless it's just painting). Ahhhhh.... my life w/ Don will never be simple he's always got an idea floating around in his head. Can you tell I'm sort-of numb to this whole selling and moving process? Yes, it's a big decision, and yes moving is a pain, but to us it's just another move and it's just another house & it won't be our last (I already can tell you that .... this next house won't be the house we stay in forever, I've got some plans of my own for our future home ;). But, I guess to us a house is "just a house" I mean I love our homes, but I don't really get attached to them like other people do.... and it's probably because I'm married to my husband so I know what's in store for me...LOL!

**Okay, enough babbling, I'm off to bed ... night!! TGIF. YAY!**

Thursday, September 11, 2008


(aka: "Chunk-o-love", "Little Tank", "Nowan" (little D's version for Nolan))


* 4 months

* Weight: 15 lbs. 8 oz.

* Height: 25 in. long

* Demeanor:
Nolan at this stage is a little gem. We just can't get enough of those squishy cheeks, silly grins, rolly thighs and perfect contentedness. He is just a big ball of love, literally and figuratively....
He's started rolling over, getting excited about things, laughing at his crazy brother, and snuggling up with mommy on the couch. Nolan is seriously just a wonderful baby....I mean it when I say wonderful. He rarely cries or gets upset, he sleeps 8-10 spans at night, takes decent naps, and is pretty darn content doing almost anything....go with the flow type of baby. All I can say is Thankyou Lord in heaven!! After Donnie I could easily see myself with an only child..... but, I never knew what the "good" baby was like.... and boy is it WAAAAAAAY better!! LOL!

**I'm ready to be a mom of three............ someday!!!!**