Sunday, March 30, 2008

Only 5 weeks till go time!

35 Week Appointment :

* All is going well with me and baby (not sure on his name yet??).... heartbeat good, kicking and active!

* Weight gain - only 1 lbs. YAY!!! Thank goodness! 34 lbs. overall. I've given up my candy bar a night for a grapefruit with brown sugar(I've still gotta have the sweetness) on it instead....YUM!

* Donnie came with to my appt., and was a perfect little gentleman. He talked to the nurses and the receptionist as if they'd known him forever. Then he sat in the room eating his goldfish as Dr. Farhat measured and listened to the heartbeat. He really is such a good boy when I take him out with me to run errands or go to appts., it makes me proud! I won't get into the few times at Target when we've had to leave early...LOL!! (who doesn't have their bad days, right!)

* Oh!!...I might be induced.....if I'm dilated to 1 cm. or more by my 38th or 39th week. I asked about it only because I had Dr. Farhat deliver Donnie and I just love him, I feel comfortable and safe with, I inquired about how he might be able to deliver me & he said if I came in for one of those appointments and I was dilated that he would induce me when he was on call. He did also tell me that he would do that because my first labor was very fast (4 hours) & this one will most likely be quicker than that, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to already be at the Hospital....Eeeek!! I won't be going to far away toward the very end....I wanna make sure, I'm close by so, if I choose, I can get that wonderful epidural I've heard so much about!! I want to be positive I'll be able to get it this time...LOL!!

* A little extra sappy and hormonal lately, not really feeling myself. I'm hoping this is all part of nearing the end of my pregnancy and not a sign of anything else! After Donnie I was hit with the dreaded post-partum depression & boy that scares me with this one. I'm sure this too will pass...too many hormones, 34 extra lbs. of weight I'm carrying, and running after a toddler all day... could possibly be the cause for some of these extra emotion/ fatigue I'm feeling.?

** Anyway's that's about it for the pregnancy update!**

Friday, March 28, 2008


I've been tagged by Nicole to share 7 facts about myself.

This will be hard thinking of random things that maybe you don't already know.

Here are the rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I only dated my husband for 7 months before we were engaged....and the funny part is that when we first started getting to the "serious" stage of dating we both said we wanted to date for at least a year before we got engaged. We thought it was just plain crazy if you didn't know someone for at least a year before asking them to MARRY YOU!! So, yeah needless to say we ate our words...LOL :)

2. I don't think I've ever had short hair...okay no, positive. I've never had hair that doesn't at least skim my shoulders, and even when it's been that short I freak-out and want my long hair back. I also hate getting my hair cut, I always feel like it looks too short & I miss my long locks- weird! I'll admit I have an attachment to my long hair, I just like it long. But, I really actually love short hair (on other people), it always looks so cute and stylish that I always think I should just do day just chop it ALL off, above my shoulders....even above my chin, maybe! Eeeek!!

3. I don't really enjoy pregnancy.... Okay, so I know I'm at the huge stage where everything is uncomfortable, shortness of breath, legs are sore, boobs are big...ect, ect. But, even in the first and second trimester I just haven't loved it how I thought I would. Although, I am getting a little sad that soon it will all be coming to an end.....and this might be it FOREVER, no more pregnancy's.

4. I'm a BIG dork...but, I love "Lifetime" movie's, my husband calls it the man-hater channel because he thinks all the movies seem to revolve around some sort of spousal abuse, or woman's lib., or just something that usually puts the man in the dog house....haha!! It's just so convenient when I do get a chance to sit down and watch a movie....usually at night, to turn on the TV instead of running to the video store & NO we don't have HBO, just basic cable for us!

5. I have WAY to many pairs of jeans, that I don't even wear, heck they may not even fit me! I guess I'm always looking for that "perfect" pair and now I've ended up with more pairs than I even need. I'm just a sucker for jeans I guess....though, I'll always stay true to my Silver's (a little pricey), but they just fit me (my BIG butt) great! :)

6. We've (Don and I) lived in 3 houses the three years that we've been married - AND we haven't even left Jackson!!....Long story, but it's just ended up that we've moved every year of our marriage to a new house. This year is coming up on our 4 yr. anniversary & NO move in sight....yet, though we have discussed a five year plan for the house we are currently in. Haha!

7. I think I've lost my flare for decorating my house. I used to love decorating my house.... going Targeting, Big Lots, Pier One...ahhhh! All those great home stores! Now it just seems like a burden, I want my house to look a certain way...RIGHT NOW...not in few months, or a few years, but NOW!! **It's all about time and money**, I don't have the time to shop around all day for the best bargains & I don't want to spend full-price on things...ugh! I always feel guilty when I'm buying new items for our house and I should be using the money for necessities instead of miscellaneous things we could do without....anyone else feel my pain with this one.???

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today & a weekend recap.....

So today, I just had my 33 week check-up..... and I gained 9 lbs.- you heard me 9 lbs!!! OMG.....I couldn't believe it!!! But, I guess I'm alright with it since my last visit he said I actually lost weight, pretty sure that was due to the flu bug I had a few weeks ago, so I'm able to justify the 9 lbs for both visits....haha!!

Not too much exciting news around here. We had a nice weekend, not too many things going on, but just enough to keep us busy.

* Friday- I went scrapbooking with Nicole, Leslie, Jane, and LeAnn....and I had a GREAT time, it was nice to have a girls night out and meet a few new faces. I went up early, thinking I would finish my name letters for the boys rooms (Donnie and Nolan...though not 100% positive on Nolan) then just shop around, and head home. But, I got to chatting, eating, and laughing and ended up staying longer than time, I'll definitely have to bring enough stuff to stay until midnight, because the time flies when your there!

* Saturday- Don and I (no Donnie!!) went over to our friends Max and Kami's for a couples night, with about 4 other couples....which was also a lot of fun. They had a few video games going...Wii (sp??) - the interactive video game, which by the way is ADDICTING if you haven't played it. And also, Karaoke on PlayStation, I sang a few songs with Kami, but the true "Rock Star" for the evening was Don...LOL!! After he had a few beers, he would slyly head over to the Karaoke for some Bon Jovi, or Poison, or know all those old 90's rock bands from his era. :) It was a good time with some old friends we haven't hung out with in a while.

* Sunday- We worked on house chores.....laundry, cleaning the baby's room, dishes, more laundry, just the usual Sunday clean-up. My Mother-in-law came over and put a stencil up on in the baby's room, that just looks wonderful.....his room is a light blue and the stencil is a chocolate brown, it makes the whole room look different, just what it needed!! Then we had plans to just stay home and eat dinner, but my in-laws invited us at the last minute to come over for burgers on the grill, it was actually nice enough to cook on the grill yesterday, so we headed over there for dinner at it was yummy! Oh, I almost forgot they were venison burgers(sp??.... you know, deer), at first I was a little hesitant about trying them, but I'm glad I did they were delicious!!

Just a boring old recap of my weekend.....How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March snow and a little bit about nothing....

A little fun in the snow..... in MARCH!! What the heck, isn't March considered Spring?! Only in Michigan!

So... I'm home, just sitting here reading blogs and decided, Hmmmm....maybe a little update on my own might be nice! LOL!! And also noticing I'm in desperate NEED for a new banner and colors, looks like I'm going to have to bug Nicole again, since I'm sort-of blog illiterate when it comes to new layouts and I don't have a photo thing (not sure of the "correct" maybe.?) on my computer to put pictures in my banner....which I think you have to have right.??

** In other news **
* My pregnancy is going okay, 32 weeks and counting... getting as big as a house (did I ever mention how I get big ALL over when I'm preggo, not just a belly? Lovely let me tell ya)!! I did have a few contractions a couple of weeks ago, went to labor & delivery just to be safe and turns out everything was okay I just needed to rest and drink lots of water. Oh, yeah and I'm officially on maternity leave now from work.... a little earlier than my doctor and I had originally discussed, but that's a-ok with me :)

* My son is still babbling in his crib...."mama, mama" and it's 1:47 pm ..... sorry little guy, your not getting out of your nap. Boy, I forgot how HARD it is to be a stay-at-home mom, I never get a break!! OMG..... now he saying "Owww mama, Owww" as if he's hurt himself in his crib! haha!

* Tried the toddler bed out for a few nights and that isn't going to work..... at least not at this point in time! When did your kids move into a "normal" size bed? Was it a hard transition? I guess I'm just a believer in when their ready then it's time, why go through the hassle of "training" if their just not ready??.... of course everything within moderation, I mean if my kid's 5 yrs. old and still wants his crib than that's a different story!
** And a few pics. of Donnie enjoying his bath time. BTW, are their any kids out there who don't LOVE bath time.?**

* UGH!!! Finally, I don't hear a thing....peace and quiet! 2:22pm. to be exact & he's finally asleep. Gotta run and try to do something productive while he's napping.