Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tid bits about the boys...

(Fat feet)

* Is walking all around! He started walking a few weeks ago, the real shaky walk where they look like their gonna plop over any minute, but he's officially walking around now, fairly smooth. :) So, I figured it was time I start putting some shoes on the boy, I went to buy him new shoes yesterday, which I wasn't thinking that I'd have to do because Donnie has so many hand-me down items I thought I'd be good to go in the shoe dept. Well, a few days ago I went to put some tennis shoes on Nolan that Donnie had and were practically like brand new. I tried to put Nolan's foot into these shoes and I was totally cracking up trying to do it.... Nolan's feet are like little balls, like a fist balled up that won't open, except his feet are flattened out not balled up, they're just SO fat that they look like little balled up fists!! I was pushing and shoving and nothing. nothing. Nolan's foot was just NOT going into those shoes. So, I figured maybe I should go to a shoe store have him measured and buy the poor little guy some shoes that actually fit. JCPenny's here we come! Yeah pathetic, it's about the only shoe store in town that has baby shoes and can measure his feet. He did get a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes... 5 wide to be exact... and they were on sale! Yay, gotta love sales! Oh, did I mention I didn't have an option, the only tennis shoes they had in a wide were the New Balances. I think my next trip to buy shoes is going to be at an outlet that has Stride Rites or some type of shoe I can buy in wides. Grrreat my options are going to be endless! Not only do I have to search to find "cute" boy shoes, but now I have to find Nolan wides, fun fun.


* Is so curious about animals... everything, he asks questions about everything pertaining to animals. Today, we were watching Go Diego, Go and of course Diego is an animal rescuer, so the questions are endless after we watch him. A sea turtle was today's topic of discussion for Donnie. He learned that turtles lay eggs and the babies hatch from the eggs. Along with dinosaurs and birds... he always asks about their eggs.? And their Mommas...and where their Mommas are... Not sure what that's all about? Anyways, today he says to me...

D : Turtles lay eggs Mom?
M: Yes (with a look of you already know that).
D: Where do they lay eggs?
M: What?
D: Do they pee them out?
M: Ummm....
D: Do they pee them out of their butts?
M: Ummm....?? I don't know honey, I'll have to find out. (Seriously, that's what I said....what the hell? Do turtle have female parts? Where do the eggs come out of? I might have to google that tonight! hahhaha!)

I don't know where he comes up with these things... so inquisitive.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Candy, Church, Optimas Prime, & the Med Clinic....


We really do love our boys' equally, but Donnie and I were the only ones "dressed" for Church in the morning..... Nolly was still snoozin' at this point ;(

Our Easter was really, really nice..... low key, exactly what I was hoping for and needed. We, well me, Donnie, and Sheri, (a friend of mine from work who spent Easter with us) headed to Church in the morning....minus Don and Nolan. As Nolan had to take a trip to the Med Clinic in the morning (nothing serious). But, albeit Donnie and I did the solo thing in the morning. We got home, took NO naps (man was I paying for that later in the day), and had my family over for Easter Dinner. FA-BU-LO-SO, I think I might have finally mastered the cheesy potatoes dish!! Definitely, the highlight of Donnie's day was getting his little gift from the Easter Bunny... Optimas Prime, the Transformer...WOW! did that thing MAKE HIS DAY! Nolan was just having a good ol' time watching his big brother run around the house like a wild man (with Optimas Prime in hand of course), playing with his aunts, cousins, and grandparents, and swinging on the swing set (insert thumb in mouth and that boys' as happy as a clam!). He's our little 'thumb sucker', the left one to be exact....awwww, precious baby.
**Don't I look extra happy in these pics....? Because, not only was it Easter, but I had my last class on Saturday.... paper turned in, presentation completed, and boy did I feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!! Woo-Hoooo!! I sang the 'Alleluia's' a little extra loud in Church! ;)**

Friday, April 10, 2009


I promise I'm still here.... AND I have a ton of pics. from our Spring Break to South Carolina. But, that would involve a spare minute for me to work on something other than homework. Unfortunately, my Master's course has completely and utterly consumed my life since I've been back! Literally, I've gotten off of work @4pm., made dinner to be ready at 6pm. when Don gets home, and then off to work on my Annotated Bibliography (I had never heard of this before my class either, but I may be just a complete nimrod? LOL!) until Ohhhh, about 11pm., and yesterday I never even left school until 7:30 because I HAD to finish my homework! Grrrr! I'm SO not trying to complain about my life, oh, hell who am I kiddin' yeah I totally am, but I really have only had time to sleep since I've been home from vacation (and not much of that either)! .... No communicating with friends or family on the phone or via-emails, basically only giving my hubby a kiss goodnight before bed, and trying to squeeze in some decent quality time w/ the boys for a whole hour after work (yeah, I've felt a LOT of horrible "Bad Mom" guilt this week)....this class totally kicked my A$$! I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to complete my Fall class, the "Action Research Paper Class" aka..... my Thesis Paper?? Hmmmm? I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!


Still on my TO DO LIST, before Sunday -Easter:
  • Grocery shop for eggs, cheesy potato ingredients, and other misc. essentials for the Easter Dinner I'm hosting at our house & prepare for the Egg Hunt!
  • Grab two navy Polo's for the boys to wear to Church on Sunday
  • Fix Easter baskets
  • Oh...Duh! Dye Eggs!

** All the while I still have class on Sat. from 8:30-5pm., (thankfully, my last class....ahhhhh *sigh* of relief)... rush, rush, rush, story of my life lately!**