Friday, September 28, 2007

One thought.....

Blogging Slacker....that's me!!

My excuse.....I really haven't been feeling that well at ALL, the nausea set it and I'm still trying to cope with the throw-up feeling all day! Maybe that's a lame excuse, but it's all I've got... Haha!

So, I've been thinking about a good TFT....even though it is Friday, I was still thinking....and

One of the things that actually gets me excited about being pregnant is the Nursery....awe, the sweet baby's nursery. When we painted Donnie's nursery in our 1st home (we're currently in our 3rd!!) it was a grayish green, with a slightly lighter shade stripe about 6 inches wide all the way around the room, one stripe eggshell the other satin for just that slight difference in the schene since the colors were very similar.... White crib, chocolate, green and yellow bedding and window treatments, pale yellow rocker....crib & rocker courtesy of the Toy House....I love that place, that have such neat stuff. And I loved the final outcome....very soft and cozy, relaxing, just how I had imagined.

But, when I was pregnant with Donnie I found out the sex of the baby, therefore making it easy for purchasing the boyish things for the nursery. With this pregnancy I haven't decided yet if I want to find out the sex.... and the main reason that I would like to find out is to determine my nursery pathetic is that?! Though I think it would be great to be surprised at the birth, I also think it's a bit easier if you find out before hand, and I'm a planner....I like to have things planned out! I know there's always the unisex nursery, which are great, but this time around I'm tending to like very boyish or very girly themes and colors for the nursery.... go figure! Our first nursery would have been a great unisex nursery! UGH!

Here are a few of my favorites, I've been checking out:

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Okay, so those are a few of my "dream" rooms.....though, I won't be purchasing the whole pottery barn nursery set (I only wish), I will be using that as a guide in my decorating and purchasing. I'm also very lucky to have quite a gifted artistic mother-in-law who loves to sew and paint in her free time! YAY!!

And I'm in LOVE with Toile right now! How pretty is this??

Anyone else have stories about their child's nursery? Or did you just not really care?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not much to blog about....

Just feeling sick......Yup, that's right the nausea of this "wonderful journey" called pregnancy has slowly been creeping up on me! Well, actually not so slowly. It hit me like a ton of bricks on Sunday morning, and let me tell ya how soon I remembered all those horrible memories of my first trimester with Donnie! I seriously had flashbacks of gagging and smells and the all around shi#*y feeling. I was thinking I might sneak through this one without those feelings......looks like I was wrong-Ola!! It's like my body just figured out.... "Hmmmmm?, baby inside...must get sick!!"

So, I really don't have motivation to do anything, even blog.....

* No fun news
* No cute pictures
* No funny stories.....cause I haven't done anything since, I've been feeling like CRAP!!!
* No great thought provoking topics to elaborate on

Basically nothing!

Too nauseous to care much about anything!!! And I HATE, it!! Ughhhh.....who ever said being pregnant was fun.? Or did I just imagine that? I am going to venture to Rite-Aide tonight for some motion sickness wrists bands (maybe their called sea bands or something like that..?), lemon drops, and some ginger candies....hoping one of those items might be the trick and give me some relief.....

Okay, so who am I kidding, I'm sure the only thing that will help is either just getting through the first 16 weeks.... which happened before (with Donnie), or just waiting 9 months to get this kid out of me!!

Sorry, to all of you "Happy" preggo's out there, this is just the post of a miserable first trimester'r venting!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Totally feeling like a "MOM"

Today Donnie and I, along with my friend Lindsay and her son Brady went to see our friend Jackie who just had a baby a few days ago. Okay, so my morning......

* didn't shower before we left, no time....
* hair went into this rat's nest of a ponytail, trying somehow to make it presentable, Ha! Fat chance!!
* looked in my closet for something decent to wear...maybe even cute.?
* but wait, where are all my clothes?...either in the dirty clothes (cause they haven't been washed) or in the clean pile I have just sitting on my chair in the bedroom...not put away (why on earth would I put my clean clothes away in my closet??)
* NO cute clothes....Hmmm, big surprise! I don't even think I know what IS cute/ trendy anymore!! Unless....of course, it's sold at Target.

Get to Jackie's.....

* bring in my purse/diaper bag....all-in-one, don't really know if I have a "real" purse anymore.?
* dump out my mommy, tractors, airplanes.....snacks, sippy cup.....anything that will satisfy my child for a few hours until we leave.
* talked with Linds. and Jackie about kids cartoons, then we brought up the Disney's "Soul Train" conductor (hottie), and how it has such a catchy tune....yet, a little provocative almost.??
* THEN......the moment when I truly felt like a "MOM"......Donnie had been sneezing and I of course am trying to have a kleenex right there in the midst of his sneeze, so I don't feel like my son is infecting this newborn with ALL of his germs. Sure enough, he sneezes....again, I wipe his nose and he does that whole flail of the body thing because he can't stand his nose wiped.....a few minutes pass and Jackie says what's on your chin, so I wipe it and sure enough...I say "oh, it's a booger...from my child!!" Ughhhhh!! GROSS!! I had my son's BOOGER just chilling on my chin....YUK!!......and even the way I said it was so, nonchalant, like this always happens.??

I feel like such a "MOM" today....can I say it one more time......GEEZE!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Music time & Dr. Geraldo.....

Donnie and I went to our first Kindermusik class last night and it went really well. I was a little concerned how Donnie would do around the other kids in a "classroom" type setting, not just a free-for-all play time, he was a very good little boy though, I'm glad to report. I decided that I wanted to get Donnie involved in something that was teacher/student based, where he can learn how to interact socially with other kids while still having to follow some type of instruction, and this was the perfect fit for us. I was really impressed with the whole class, it was set up very well, with great age appropriate material, and the teacher was fabulous...I think she did a great job with that many toddlers roaming around, ranging anywhere from 18months-3yrs. I couldn't do it that's for sure!! At one point Donnie did have to go out of the room with me into the hallway for a little time-out session. It all started because he saw his hot wheel cars in the diaper bag, for some reason when we were supposed to be marching he decided to roll around on the floor for a minute...(go figure), and he rolled right over to his diaper bag....well, of course when he saw the hot wheel cars, it was all over. I knew he was going to throw a fit the minute I told him "no" go back and sit in the circle and finish the song. Of course, he wasn't having any of that, so we had to go out for a little sit in the hallway time. But, then when we got into the hallway he decided that he would rather be outside playing in the parking lot....ughhh!!.... Ha! the joy of having a little boy....toddler age at that!! So, all in all I'd say our first class went okay, I'm just not too sure my son will be in the band or music dept. at his school. Haha!!

Now on to Dr. Geraldo.....I'll explain, my baby Dr. looks a lot like Geraldo Rivera, and even so, I still LOVE him. I might be a little in love with him, but only because we share a special bond..... he delivered MY CHILD!! That's what I tell my hubby, because he still doesn't understand why I feel such a close bond with him....Duh!...Hello!! Doctor. Delivered. B.A.B.Y. Anyways, now that all of you out there are probably thinking..."what a Freak"...... His actual name is Dr. Farhat and today was my first Dr.'s appointment for all the baby info. and really it wasn't much of anything new from the last time I went with Donnie. Just the usual, do's and don'ts of pregnancy that I've already been reading up on to refresh my memory from the last time. My official due date is May 6, 2008....Yay!! Exciting! I still can't believe I'm gonna have another one.....Eeeeek, exciting and nerve racking at the same time!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The weekend??? Is this really my weekend?

So today, I'm home again by myself....ughhhhh, Don has this stupid car sale ALL weekend from 8am-8pm, Fri. & Sat. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad that he is there and making extra money this weekend, but I soooo feel like a single mom lately.....and I hate it!! This was actually supposed to be his weekend off which means a 3 day weekend, see one week he works Mon.-Sat. then the next week he works Mon.-Thurs., and let me tell ya... I LOVE those 3 day weekends!! I did get a slight break last night, I went to dinner with a few fellow teachers and speech path. I worked with last year, and it was nice to get out (without Donnie) and catch up....have some "me" sanity time. Don went to meet Ryan M. for a few drinks at the Hunt Club last night, and he didn't get home until after I was already in bed sleeping, so I saw him yesterday morning and this morning so far this weekend....for about an hour each morning.

I'm not trying to be a complaining, bitchy wife, because my husband has to work and bring home the bacon.....we just need a little bit of couple time, know what I mean..?? And, of course, I see him in the evening after work, but it's so scheduled and weekdayish......dinner, Donnie's bath, bedtime routine....then, a little small talk, blogging, T.V., or just flat out too tired and off to bed we go. Where's my wife time?? Do you ever feel like you and your spouse don't get much time together...alone? Days where you think, Hmmmm?, what did ....... & I talk about last night or did I even have the energy to converse with him??

I'm glad to admit, I am a happy wife (Don truly is my best friend), and a happy mother. I cherish our weekends as a family, just hanging out together, doing fun things with each other. But, life is busy and sometimes there are times when I wish I had more hours in a day..... A little more family time, husband/wife time, or just more time in general.... Ahhhhh*sigh*.....such is life.

**Thank goodness for Sunday, my saving Grace!! Ha!**

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Am I dreaming or what?? Well, literally yes, because since I've been pregnant I've had some very unusual dreams almost every night......but, what I'm really talking about is my pregnancy in general..... Thus far:

* No morning sickness/all day sickness.......yet(I might be eating my words in a couple days....Eeekkk!!) None thus far....
* No Waaaay sore boobs
* No crazy animal like sense of smell!!

What's up with this?? Is that even normal?? Should I be concerned, cause I kinda am.....I hoping everything is okay.? Aren't most women sick with sore boobs the first 16 weeks? Or maybe it just hasn't hit me yet, maybe in a few days or weeks I'm gonna wake up to the "Real" Pregnant Katie....Hmmmmm?

I'll fill you in a little on my numero uno pregnancy......

* VERY sick from the get go.....throw-up sick, like the Ewwwww feeling all day!
* Sore as He&% boobs!
* I also had this crazy animalistic sense of smell, I swear I could smell my neighbors cooking dinner two doors down
* Ughhhh.....then the end, I can't even get into the whole LONG version of the story, but I ended up in the hospital for a month with a placenta abruption, delivered early......with complications after delivery with Donnie. Not too serious, but not being able to bring your newborn baby home from the hospital for 10 days was pretty traumatic for a new mom like myself. And also, some major post-partum after we both finally got home.....don't wanna go through that again!!

So needless to say, I've been praying that when I did go through a second pregnancy I might get a break on this one, just a little......but, who new being pregnant could actually be pleasant.? Not me. I feel like I shouldn't even be writing this post, I might jinx myself!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nothing much...

Just a recap of the last few days, over Labor Day weekend.....not much of anything, and it was great!! We originally had plans to go to the Huff cabin(s) this weekend and meet up with Jade, Leslie, and Reyna at some point over the weekend, but at the last minute we decided not to go. Don's parents have two cabins up north and usually there's plenty of room to stay, but both of them were going to be filled to capacity, I mean me. So, we opted to just stick around J-town, do some yard work, and tell everyone the "good news" (I can't help but smile when I say that!!). I do feel a little guilty though, as my husband was cleaning the weeds, putting rocks in for landscaping, and hauling dirt....all with his third leg (Donnie), I was inside attempting to do laundry and clean, but it was a very poor attempt, let me tell ya I really didn't accomplish a whole excuse, I'm pregnant and I needed to rest!! Hehehe! (So glad I can use that excuse again, at least it's an honest excuse.)

Today, we went for a morning walk with Les and Reyna, it's nice to get the walk done early. Almost made an old man crash on the sidewalk (it was kinda funny though), who by the way lapped us like twice around the park....that's pretty sad isn't it.? Then, Donnie and I went to Brown's Lake with my cousin, her kids, and some friends of hers, Donnie splashed around in the water for a while, played in the sand, and took a boat ride and watched the big kids water ski....he thought that was pretty cool!! Got home ate dinner, took a bath, and he's down for the night....."Aaaaalelluiah!!" at 7:20pm!! Oh boy, I really need a break tonight, I've been with Donnie ALL day and then played single mom tonight....see I'm a little spoiled because when Don gets home, he does bath and books, and Donnie really wants no part of me when his Daaaa(Dad) gets home from work, so I get a break. But, Don went to go pick up a Jeep Wrangler in Pontiac we didn't buy a new car, well he bought it, but he's going to resell it at the car sale this investment purchase for us (or should I say him.....aaaahem, plasma T.V. maybe??) So, now I'm off to go watch some T.V and read blogs....goodnight!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Look, look!!!!

Okay, this is the best I could should say, I'm GONNA be a big brother!! YAY!!

And doesn't he look happy about it.?? Hehe!