Sunday, March 21, 2010

One fabulous weekend :)

Okay, yes I have been totally MIA! I kinda fell off the blog bandwagon, but I'm jumping back on....RIGHT NOW!

I've got so much to fill you in on, like having a BABY!! The boys and their mischievous ways. :) My life as a mom of 3 boys! And everything in between. But, before I do one loooooong huge post on that, I have to start with the right now stuff....

Which would be my awesome weekend as a free woman....and totally free for 1 whole night, even without baby, yes he's only 7 weeks old.... don't judge me, don't judge me (our motto for the weekend!)

We..... Nicole, Jane, Leslie, LeeAnn, Lori, and Jessica (LeeAnn's friend), and myself went away for the weekend to Duck Lake. This amazing cottage that Jane so graciously opened up to all of us to hang out at for the weekend. We went away together to have a relaxing weekend full of scrapbooking, eating, staying in our sweats all day, gossiping, laughing, drinking.... not talking coca-cola here people (right Nic & LeeAnn?), just getting away from it all. Having 2 FULL days to.... hear no whining from our children, no errands to run, no dinner to make, no schedule to abide by, no lunches to make, no teeth to brush before bed, no bickering to break up.....okay, I'll stop, you get my drift. Anyway, it was fabulous for me, I SO enjoyed every minute of my weekend. And it made me realize just how much I enjoy hanging out with this group of girls. I feel so comfortable, so non-judged, so happy when I'm around them, there's always something to laugh at, always something to gossip about, always something to drink....hehe! I just had a really great time and feel so rejuvenated!

Memories from the weekend:

  • Nicole's cackle @ 2am
  • Me and Jane's miserable attempts to make coffee....thank God for Leslie! Damn those Bunn Coffee Makers
  • Friday night's entertainment ..... "The Nicole and LeeAnn comedy hour(s)" (this could be blog post in itself!)
  • Lori's breakfast of champions..... Diet Coke and Poptarts :)
  • Shaquila - nuff said
  • The Motto for the weekend "Don't Judge Me"
  • Who's pantie free?? WTH!
  • Nearly tripping over a Little Tike's Car that was placed outside my bedroom door @ 4:30am
  • Polar Plunge anyone?
  • Jane hiding the garage keys from 2 intoxicated ladies (ahem....don't know who that could be)
  • Rockin' in the back of the mini to Ladies Night.... sung by myself, Nicole, and LeeAnn
  • 58 jello shots...... is that enough?
  • Jessica's make-shift skirt/blanket while scrapbooking
  • Leslie on a caffeine buzz, while still trying to finish her 2nd scrapbook page after ohhhh a 24hr. period!
  • High five everyone, high five (LeeAnn)
  • Jane's "low, low, low" belly dance in the mini

I could go on and on......

Good times, good memories, can't wait for October!

Love my ladies!


Nicole said...

Ahhhhh i love your memories!! :) GREAT weekend, wasn't it???

Leslie Collins said...

I am cracking up right now....:) I love ya, too!!! What a great weekend. High five! :)

lina said...

What a blast! Sounds like a great time was had by all :)

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

Hahaha! It really was a lot of fun, wasn't it? It was great to be with you all and get to know you a bit. :)

Anonymous said...


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