Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi there.....

Oh. My. Slacker!! I just read this post and felt like it was about myself.....only add 2 months to that, geez how pathetic can I get!??

Well, there's been lot's going on around here....not really sure where to start so I'm just gonna start writing, I'm sure this will be plenty chaotic. Hmmmm....much like my life lately!

First: Momma Drama.....(cause I seem to be the only one on earth who seems to think this is a slightly big deal or it could just be my hormones?)

Yesterday Donnie was at my parents house & him and my Dad were rough housing, because of course that's what men have to do is rough house with a 3 yr. old....make sure we make our 3 yr. old more "manly" I guess! Anyways, I called over there and my Mom tells me Donnie's tooth is loose....his FRONT tooth, the main tooth in the front! And sure enough it was bleeding all last night....I'm just waiting for it to come out! I called Dr. Pink's office....his dentist & there's really nothing that we can do. It's a baby tooth so they don't put a fake one in, yes I did ask that, can you believe I asked if they'd give my 3 yr. old a fake tooth!?? My co-workers think I should "bling" him out and ask if I can get him a gold tooth. Lord help me!! Anyways, looks like Donnie will be loosing one of his front teeth waaaaaay before the rest of his little buddies.....and I'm completely devastated over this! I know it's stupid, and it's only cosmetic, but my gosh the kid is 3 yrs. old, so that means for the next 3-4yrs. he's gonna have to have one tooth missing in the front!! I feel so bad, there's absolutely nothing I can do either. I was up at 4am. thinking about this tooth issue!! I'm a dork I know.....

Second: Baby..... BOY that is! (23 weeks preggers)

Yes, sure enough that's all that my husband can seem to shoot.....boys! I was a little upset at first because I really was hoping for a little girl to add to our brood, but all is good now. I've gotten over the initial selfish sadness.... no pink, no hair bows, no prom dress shopping, no hair & make-up tips, no motherly bonding talks....etc. I seem to be pretty content with the fact that we'll be a family of five with only one princess in this house....ME! ;) (Jokingly saying this, as Don always seems to reassure me, there's only room for one of me in this house! Thanks honey you always know just what to say! haha!)

Names: We've got only a couple that we can agree on:

Cole (Anderson??) Huff
Jackson or Jaxon Huff (can't think of a middle name for this one...any suggestions??)

Third: What to do about vaccines......

Thinking about getting the boys there flu shots this week.....was, thinking I should say, because now they're sick again! Colds, colds, colds, we (me & the boys) can not seem to shake this nasty cold virus. I swear we just got over one cold and now were on to the next!! So, maybe early next week I'll be able to get myself and the boys into the Dr.'s for the flu shots, since you're only supposed to get them when you're healthy. But, man at the rate were going we'll have already gone through all the viruses by the time we actually make it to the Dr.'s!! Swine flu shots.....for me, yes, as I'm pregnant & they highly recommended it, as for the boys, I think so, people are kinda making me second guess the Dr.'s know the ones that spent 4 years in medical school, internships, conferences, & whatever the heck else they have to do? I should just go with my gut & the Dr.'s advice to get the shots....I need to trust that instead of the hype.

Okay, so I think that covers a few items on my list to chat about..... ahhhhhh, feeling a little better now that I've gotten a start.


Leslie Collins said...

Katie-Sorry to hear about Donnie...I would be upset too. It's normal. Try not to think about it. Maybe he won't lose the tooth??

I know that you were hoping for a little girl to add to your family, but you can still have close relationships with their day. Look at my mom with Bobby & Em. She is very close with Bobby (they shop together quite often) and her and Em are close, as well. :) And, if you had a girl like Reyna, there wouldn't be bows in her hair anyway...just bows in her hand in the woods! hahaha. :) She is such a daddy's girl.

Flu vaccines...they are out at Jax Peds right now. They should be getting more at the end of October first of Nov. They didn't get enough in. I have debated on whether to take Reyna elsewhere. Not sure yet.

Hope you guys are feeling better!

Carrie Cole said...

Emma started losing teeth at 4 years old...she is 6 and has lost 8 teeth so far!!! So as I think 3 is young to start losing teeth, its kind of cute, lol!

I feel for you on having 3 boys as I was hoping to have a little boy to add to our family...but now that I have 3 girls I cant imagine what I would do with a baby boy...I love my little girls so much! Good Luck and Congrats, lol!

I am not getting my family the flu shots...I never have and I dont intend to far as the swine flu vaccine goes...a nurse at the hospital was sharing her thoughts and said that she doesnt feel comfortable getting her kids that shot as they havent even testes it on many humans and that made her uncomfortable...I agree! Just my opinion :-)

smilinggreenmom said...

Hey, I just found your cute by the way! I am a mommy of two little ones too and I have been going back and forth now for several months on what to do about the vaccine. Ug! You hear one thing and then the next and it just leaves everyone confused.

I have been reading a lot on this and things that I read have said that the vaccine was rushed. Well, I just do not want to give our babies something that is not fully tested. But then I worry too about them getting the flu. Fortunately our doctor just told me yesterday not to even worry about it and that they would not even be getting it! Whew.

I have to say though that with our son being allergic to many things including eggs, he can't even get a seasonal shot. Worries. The one thing that has really helped his body has been Vidazorb chewable probiotics and because we have seen how incredible they are, we all now love them! I have also read how probiotics can help boost immunities so I am really hoping that we are giving our bodies the extra good bacteria to fight off the germs.

It is such a tough decision! Everyone has their own opinions on the vaccine and we just have to do what we feel is right. I am sure you will make the right decision for you and your babes.