Monday, April 13, 2009

Candy, Church, Optimas Prime, & the Med Clinic....


We really do love our boys' equally, but Donnie and I were the only ones "dressed" for Church in the morning..... Nolly was still snoozin' at this point ;(

Our Easter was really, really nice..... low key, exactly what I was hoping for and needed. We, well me, Donnie, and Sheri, (a friend of mine from work who spent Easter with us) headed to Church in the morning....minus Don and Nolan. As Nolan had to take a trip to the Med Clinic in the morning (nothing serious). But, albeit Donnie and I did the solo thing in the morning. We got home, took NO naps (man was I paying for that later in the day), and had my family over for Easter Dinner. FA-BU-LO-SO, I think I might have finally mastered the cheesy potatoes dish!! Definitely, the highlight of Donnie's day was getting his little gift from the Easter Bunny... Optimas Prime, the Transformer...WOW! did that thing MAKE HIS DAY! Nolan was just having a good ol' time watching his big brother run around the house like a wild man (with Optimas Prime in hand of course), playing with his aunts, cousins, and grandparents, and swinging on the swing set (insert thumb in mouth and that boys' as happy as a clam!). He's our little 'thumb sucker', the left one to be exact....awwww, precious baby.
**Don't I look extra happy in these pics....? Because, not only was it Easter, but I had my last class on Saturday.... paper turned in, presentation completed, and boy did I feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!! Woo-Hoooo!! I sang the 'Alleluia's' a little extra loud in Church! ;)**


Leslie Collins said...

Donnie looks adorable in these pic's. He just looks so happy and grown up.

I made cheesy potatoes, too!!! :)

Yay for finishing up your class. I bet that was a huge sigh of relief.

jane said...

YAY you are done with your class!! Cute pics, I am sure the boys were just adorable in their matching outfits.