Wednesday, April 23, 2008

38 week update:

Okay...... 38 week appt. TODAY, Eeeeek!! I can't believe it's already 38 weeks & 1 day to be exact :)

* Dr. Farhat said it could be any day now, so he gave me some paper work and told me to either give it to labor & delivery when I go there (of course, when it's time) or bring it back to my 39 week appt. and that's when he'll check to see if I'm dilated and the position of the baby!

* He also told me if I was dilated to at least 1cm., he would induce me when he was on call to deliver this little guy......but, I'm not sure about that anymore, I mean as much as I want to be DONE with this pregnancy I'm SO scared about the delivery!! You'd think after already going through it once I'd be okay, but I'm COMPLETELY FREAKED the point of almost tears, worse than I was with Donnie. (*AHHHH* sigh, just take deep'll be alright).....I keep telling myself that. So, who knows maybe I won't even want to be induced....I guess I'll just wait & see what happens! As, I said before this is all so new to me....38 weeks, WOW! Donnie was already 2 weeks old by this point & everything about Donnie's pre-birth and birth was anything but the normal/natural way of "mother nature", maybe that is why I'm just so anxious about this whole thing???

* I'm measuring at 39 weeks.....1 week ahead of schedule, which I do believe is partly do to my ice cream cravings latley, that I've been totally giving into!

* I've gained a total of 40 lbs. so far....more than I wanted to be at this point, but oh well, it's too late to worry about that now...LOL :)

* He said he thinks the baby will be about 7 1/2 to 8 lbs........*gulp* from how I'm measuring and the size of Donnie (6 lb. 9 oz.....4 weeks early!) so, I'm a little nervous about that also, delivering a bigger baby....WOW! That outa be F.U.N.

* My husband is in total "nesting" mode......he seriously is trying to do every little thing before this baby gets here. All weekend he cleaned, cleaned, cleaned...put screens in, cleaned the garage, cleaned the gutters, raked the yard, worked on some landscaping, painted the fireplace....I mean he is worse than I am right now!! He just keeps telling me "it could be anyday now and I just wanna be could be ANYDAY!!" Haha! He's too funny :)

I think that's about it.....I'm just a BIG ball of nerves right now, so wish me luck and sanity these next few days!


Leslie A. Collins said...

How exciting. I would be nervous too, but look what you are going to be coming home with. It is crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone for you. Didn't you just announce you were pregnant??!!!

Talk to you soon.

Denise said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see the little man - do you have a name picked out yet?