Thursday, April 10, 2008

So many questions????

Some Random Thoughts & Questions/sure TFT if you will....mostly about pregnancy, birth, and the after-math...... Unfortunately, this post will probably be mostly for you mom's out there, but hey if you haven't had kids & have any good tips, info., advice from friends or relatives, please feel free to chime in!

  • I'm considering trying to breastfeed this baby, see with Donnie I tried, but he had SO many feeding issues after birth from his early arrival that it just became impossible to do so and I ended up drying up after a month. Therefore, putting him on Nutramigen (the most costly formula out there....$25 for the small powder container a.k.a "liquid gold") but, that's ALL his belly could you do what you've gotta do. Well, this time around I've been thinking about trying to breastfeed again, but I don't want to HAVE to be the sole feeder....I would like other's to be able to help out (especially hubby at night). So, my question is....if you did breastfeed, did you pump also so that you had a stash to use when needed & did you even have enough to pump after the baby ate, did you introduce a bottle right away - along with the boob, did you ever supplement with formula if you didn't have enough breast milk for bottles?????? I know LOTS of questions, but I'm just trying to weigh ALL my options!

  • EPIDURAL?? Did you have one and would you do it again?? Why/why not? I personally did NOT have one with Donnie, now this was not because I didn't want one, it just simply happened that I had nurses holding me off because they didn't think I was dilating as quickly as I was and by the time the epidural man got there it was too LATE! I was only in labor 4 hours and delivered, so I can't complain a whole lot, but I did go through labor and delivery oh-natural and boy what an experience. This time around I'm considering (**considering, being the KEY word**) trying to do it without the epidural....only if it's as quick as my last labor & delivery. I think, maybe.....still uncertain.?

  • Bringing the new one home and starting a schedule/ long did it take you, if you can remember.? I was trying to remember with Donnie and I just can't seem to put my finger on when things started becoming routine and scheduled. Of course, I know not right away, but I do remember eventually having a pretty good idea of feeding, naps, nighttime, etc., and if my memory is correct I thought it was pretty early on... I'm thinking it was maybe around 6 or 8 weeks....Hmmmmm?? Now with this one coming and already having a toddler I would really like to start a routine right away, of course within moderation, but I'm really hoping for some sort of consistency in his schedule early on. I guess I'm just more concerned this time around because I already have such a scheduled routine day with Donnie that I really don't wanna have unorganized chaos thrown in the mix with a newborn....kwim?

** Okay, so you can tell what's been on my mind, baby, baby!! I do only have 3 weeks and 5 days left, it's all starting to become very REAL & I'm getting a little nervous....still all these questions/concerns rolling round in my head!! YIKES**


Michelle Leigh said...

I just had my 3rd baby 4 weeks ago. He arrived at 35 weeks 5 days and while I knew I wasn't going to breastfeed, it would have been very hard since he was in the NICU. i do know a lot of people who have pumped beginning in the hospital and had help afterward. I say go for it if you want to try. You know that your baby will be healthy either way.

As far as the epidural, well I had a csection so I had no choice. But, that being said I would never want to give birth without pain relief. Ouch, it just seems crazy! But, you've already done it so you know what's coming. Just give it a try, but go in with the expectation that you may need the drugs.

Now, my son was put on a schedule pretty much on his 2nd day of life. He is 4 weeks old and has a pretty consistent schedule. We didn't create it, he did. But, my 2nd daughter was the complete opposite. She ate and slept whenever, no rhyme or reason at all. I think you'll just have to go with the baby. They are the best at telling you what they need and when. But, I've always been someone that goes by what the baby wants, and not necessarily what I want.

Good luck and congrats! I hope you have an easy birth and a healthy little one to take home with you! I remember panicking shortly before the birth of my son about all sorts of things. But, things will turn out in the end. Try not to stress too much!

Heather S. said...

I did breastfeed both girls, but I did not want to be the only one who could feed them. I started pumping right away (always first thing in the morning because was so full). By about 10 days old, we introduced the bottle (I heard from several other moms who waited too long and the baby wouldn't take it). Kevin would feed the girls a bottle once a day.
We did supplement with formula starting around 2 months, but I had so much milk stored up that we didn't have to supplement often.
I hope this helps!! Good luck!!

Leslie A. Collins said...

Katie-I would definitely give breastfeeding a try if you are interested in doing so. I would pump in the morning about an hour after Reyna ate. You have more milk in the am. I stored it in the freezer milk bags and they were super easy to thaw out. If you store them in bottles, it takes a lot longer. I would recommend introducing the bottle right after he latches on and that way he gets used to both right away. I have heard babies tend not to like bottles for mom's who exclusively breastfeed.

As far as the epidural, I won't be having one again if everything goes as fast as it did the first time. I just don't want the hastle of a catheter (spelling?) and having my body all numb and a baby who is groggy. Now, I would probably get one if my labor was long and drawn out. I wouldn't decide this right now. Go in there with an open mind. If it goes fast, you might decide not to again. If it's long, I would probably say get one. I think that if you are dead set on not getting one or getting one and you end up doing the opposite, I think it can be upsetting. Like if you were deadset against them and decide you need one, would you have that feeling like you let yourself down?

I think we started the schedule around three months. Before that, Reyna just slept when she was tired. :)

I rambled...sorry. HOpe this helps.

Anonymous said...

I breastfed and after 10 days or 2 weeks or so, pumped enough that my husband could give Max a bottle once a day. I never had a stash of it though. I have read that the content of breastmilk actually changes as your baby grows, so if you stockpile a whole bunch of it, it's not the greatest because your baby is getting what he/she needed a month ago or whenever it was pumped... ?? Obviously though if you pump and give it a few days/week later, I'm sure it's fine. :)

I had an epidural. LOVED IT. Would do it again in a second. I could still feel my contractions, knew when to push, etc, they just didn't HURT. It was a fabulous labor... I actually really enjoyed the whole thing. Then I ended up having a c-section after pushing for 2.5 hours... so I don't know much about the recovery/grogginess from just an epidural because I was obviously WAY out of it due to the c-section. Max never seemed to be groggy or anything though, he was very alert.

I think we had a routine around 6-8 weeks, too. But if/when we have another, I would like to start right away, too. We just did the cycle of eat, 'play', sleep... not an actual schedule... just followed his lead but got him into a good routine. I was so much happier then. :)

GOOD LUCK!! I'm so excited to hear how it all goes!

Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding - Is not easy. People make it sound so natural but it is hard work and takes about 4 weeks to establish a good breastfeeding relationship, get your supply up. My daughter was born 6 weeks early and thanks to my mother in law I was able to breastfeed, but not without challenges. I did end up having to supplement, because I was not making enough milk. But she did nurse until she was 20 months. My son is now almost 17 months. Was born 2 weeks early and nursed on demand from birth. I have never had any issues with him nursing, but I guess I know more about it now. I work and had to introduce a bottle and did so at 4 weeks when my supply was good and he had no issues taking it. My doctor told me that if you introduce it before then it can cause nipple confusion and they may not nurse like they should leading to all sorts of issues, but if you introduce it later then that he may not take a bottle. One other thing I did is I pumped 2 times a day once in the morning and once at night and froze the milk. This allowed my husband to feed my son with breastmilk, my son got used to the bottle and it boosted my supply : )

Epidurals - had one with my daughter and hated it. Had one with my son at the end and it ended up only working for 30 min so all but 30 min was natural. I delivered him in just under 4 hours. If I had to choose I would go without the epidural. I felt better and more awake then when I had one the first time. Then again I had toxemia and was on magnesium.

Epidural's are not a bad thing. Sometimes they help relax you thus speeding up the labor. Most important thing healthy mom, healthy baby.

Schedules are nice I like them. I was also worried about this, but everything just kind of falls into place. Every baby is different. So what works for one might not work for the other. Be flexiable. Listen to your baby. He will tell you what he needs and all will fall into place. And you will be surprised by how easily Donnie will adjust.

Denise said...

I only breastfeed for 2 months because I couldn't maintain my supply once I started work again, but I thought it was a wonderful experience. I have the Medela double pump - they are expensive but sooooo worth the money.

I was started on Pitocin with Gavin and I did get an epidural. I thought it was amazing, although I never felt a single labor pain but I loved that it was a stress free, pain free birth and I felt amazing afterwards (and I had never heard of it causing groggy babies afterwards - Gavin was very very alert after he was born). I don't think it's a very personal decision though so either way you'll be fine., it's hard to remember. I think we got into a pretty good routine when he was about 3 weeks old once we figured out his eating schedule, etc...