Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few things to be thankful for.....

I think it's about time I start giving thanks and appreciating the everyday ordinary/extraordinary things in my life, how often I forget how truly blessed I am.....

* first, my husband, who is my best friend & an AWESOME dad!! I mean really, I think and many others have said Don could run a "Daddy Daycare" he's truly just that good and natural with children.....much more patient than I, A LOT of the time (maybe it helps when you grow up with 7 younger siblings.... he's the oldest!!)

* Donnie, that wonderful little boy who brings a smile to my face EVERYDAY! The new best thing is that he just started hugging me and saying "Donnie loves Momma" :) It can't get much better than that ;)

* This AMAZING weather we've been having....finally Spring has sprung!

* My family....especially my mom and my mother-in-law, lately I haven't been feeling so good....just the end of pregnancy woe's, swollen feet, backaches, fatigue,.....just flat out too BIG! So, Sunday my mom had us over for dinner since she new I wasn't feeling that great and yesterday she brought some leftovers she had made for us & not having to cook is SO nice! The other day my mother-in-law took Donnie ALL morning for me to give me a break and run a few errands....he came back dead tired, fed, & ready for a nap....*Ahhhh* it was great!! What would I do without my family??? They help us out soooo much and I know we're very lucky!

* My health....a few people near and dear to me have been faced with life's challenge of being sick...very sick, and it always makes me realize just how fortunate I am to be healthy.

* Friends that I have who make me laugh and smile and just be myself.....without drama!!!

* This wonderful journey called pregnancy (little sarcasm there...), but seriously, I know how lucky I am to have this little guy just baking in the oven, ready to meet his new family soon!

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