Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I {heart} my conversations with Donnie

I wonder what's going on in that little mind of his... absorbing everything like a sponge.

Our conversation after he see's a butterfly on Toote & Puddle...

Donnie: Momma look, it's a monart
Me: What? What's a monart?
Donnie: A buf-fly
Me: Oh, it's a monarch butterfly....?
Donnie: Yeah, it's a taterpillar and it has a nest, and then it turns into a beautiful buf-fly!!
Me: It has a nest?? Do you mean it makes a cocoon and then turns into a beautiful butterfly...?
Donnie: Yeah, it's a taterpillar, then it makes a tottoon, and turns into a beautiful buf-fly!!
Me: Wow Donnie, you sure know a lot about butterflies!
Donnie: Thanks.


Nicole said...

That is so cute! I love your new background!

jane said...


kimca01 said...

HA! They are just too cute (when they aren't being little buggers LOL)