Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a quick update....

  • Busy, busy setting up my classroom..... I spent the last two days working in my room, literally working from 8am -3 pm - until the janitor kicked us out! I am thoroughly exhausted between trying to move furniture, cutting out posters, punching out letters, making name tags, cleaning dusty shelves, yada yada yada.... ahhhhh, just a few more things to do on Tues. after my kids leave and it will be pretty well completed. Then I'll attempt to really look at the 2nd grade curriculum and start to do my lesson plans..... that'd be nice !
  • We've started our new schedule as of last week, Don staying home on Mon. & Wed. until 4, when I get home and then heading into work from 4pm-8pm.....which is working out GREAT!
  • Don and his family have the new business up and running .... check it out here. YAY!!! Good job & good luck guys!
  • Went and spent waaaaaay too much money at Kohl's (I love this brand) & T.J. Maxx today, but it felt great to shop, finally able to fit into a somewhat good size for me :)
  • Trying to get some projects finished around the house.... putting up pictures from Nolan's newborn session (I know 3 1/2 months later... pathetic!), hanging new curtains, finishing painting a mirror, cleaning a few, fun!
  • Attempting to go to the park tonight and make it through the night to watch the fireworks, with a 4 month old and 2 yr. old I don't know it might work.....ha!
  • Going to the pool tomorrow to enjoy one of our last few warm weekends around here until the Michigan Fall hits and it starts getting frigid... brrrrrr! But ..... I love Fall :)

**Have a nice and restful Labor Day weekend, I know I'm going to try!**


Leslie Collins said...

I hope your firework trip went well.

I love Vera Wang, too. I was just there yesterday drooling over a few things.

Maria said...

I am really loving the Vera Wang stuff too! TJ Maxx is a favorite as well.

jane said...

I can't get into the Vera Wang stuff, it looks dumb on me :) Hope your first day back with kids went well today.