Thursday, July 26, 2007


Okay, one last post before I have to stop & start getting ready for our trip, but I couldn't miss "Thoughts for Thursday." Here we go..... time for me to rant & rave!

I know many of you who are reading this either have kids, or teach kids, or are around kids enough to understand what I'm talking about....well, maybe. But my BIG question is where has the RESPECT gone for authority?? And not only authority figures, but adults in general?? This is something that just Urrrkkks me....drives me insane actually, when children feel that they do not have to show adults respect!! I know that it is probably in my face a lot more than most people, because I'm an elementary teacher and I see it on a regular basis when I'm at school, so maybe it just gets to me a little more than others.....but, I know all of you have seen it in one form or another and know exactly what I'm talking about.

I don't understand why kids feel that they can speak to adults the way they do, either by talking back, using sarcasm, using disrespectful language around them, not listening when being spoken too or reprimanded, or just flat out telling them to F&%*# off- yes, I've actually heard elementary kids in school tell there teacher or even their principal that (extreme case!)......what the.....??? I just don't understand, how and why are kids so disrespectful today??? Maybe my memory is foggy, but I don't think I heard many kids back talk the teacher when I was in school...... did you?? Now don't think that I'm talking every child in school does this by any means, but their are students who do act this way and it floors me. Not only at school either, but I hear it ALL the time, kids speaking to their parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighbors, parents friends,'s as though, they think they have the God given right to talk to people however they want! I personally don't remember ever back talking an adult at a young age (maybe my mom, a little in junior high) or if I did it sure wasn't to their face, and if I did there were some BIG consequences to face!!

Am I living in a fantasy world or should children show adults respect??....I don't care who they are....if it's an adult, you are to be respectful of them! I know that children are not perfect and I don't expect them to be, they all make mistakes, and all children at one point or another back talk, but to me it's just gotten out of control! I do believe it is good to teach your child to stand up for themselves and feel they have a voice and be able to voice their opinions, but to an extent, especially when they are speaking to an adult.

What are your thoughts??

Oh, Boy! I better stop there.....I could go on and on with this subject!!

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Nicole said...

OHHHHH man.... one of my soapboxes! I can not stand it when kids are disrespectful to adults, especially when they act like things are "owed" to them by the adults. Like, "I should be able to do this" or "You should do this for me" or whatever.

I also know a few little girls who are horrible at acknowledging when an adult (either parent, relative or whoever) is speaking to them. They simply ignore the adult and go on their merry way. And forget trying to tell them to do or not to do something, as they pretty much blow you off (again, doesn't matter if its a parent or relative or friend etc). I can not stand that... kids should listen to adults whether they are your parent or not.

However, I think this all boils down to a lack of parenting. If parents FOLLOWED THROUGH with things, modeled for their kids HOW to act and HOW to talk/respond/acknowledge other people, these problems would be greatly reduced. I really think its a lack of parenting, or on the flip... an abundance of really lazy, inconsistent parenting.

I know if Porter acted that way towards another adult, whether I saw it or found out about it, I would be horrified and there would be consequences. Hopefully I won't suck as a parent and will give him some sort of values and manners for how to treat other people.

Nicole said...

((Haha I forgot to add... I say all this, and whose child has been a freaking maniac beast the last few days? MINE!!!)) He's an embarrassment to take in public. However, expectations for a 1 year old are a little different than a 4, 5, 8, 10 year old. I know P says please and thank you much more than some older kids I've met!!

K.M. Laughlin said...

I completely agree. I teach upper elem. and notice that often parents think it is the teachers' job to teach respect, when it should be MODELED from the parents (& teachers) too. I know kids can have off days and their manners/respect go by the wayside. More times then not however, you see more and more kiddos being disrespectful. I think it is from the parents not following through (what Nicole said) and often what they are seeing on tv, movies, etc. They (at least the older ones) think it is "cool" to be mean. Think of the movie, Mean Girls. Parents need to demand respect but if they are yelling/being rude to everyone then their child is going to think that it is normal behavior. Respect is one of the MAJOR things I teach in my classroom and I make sure to MODEL it. I think often when parents are working, they are tired, and are just too worn out to actually follow through, so I try to model what I do and tell them about my experiences. The kiddos think it is funny about some things that have happened, but we do talk about and sometimes even act out how to be respectful and even disrespectful so they can see the difference. I could go on and on, but I'll stop! Good topic Katie!!!

Emilie said...

You are very right! Respect is lacking in a lot of kids. But it isn't only kids that have no respect. There are lots of adults that are disrespectful and don't give a crap about anyone else. I think that Nicole is has EVERYTHING to do with parenting. I can remember when I was a kid that I also was expected to be respect to all adults. I just hope that when I have kids of my own I teach them to be respectful to others.