Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little D's first bike

I think, no wait, I know Don was more excited than Donnie....about his first real big boys bike! When we got home from vacation Don felt the need to buy Donnie a "real" bike, I'll explain a little.....when we were in Curtis all the kids brought their bikes to ride around and Donnie loved to climb up and just sit on them, he wanted to be just like the big kids. So, when we got home from our trip Don said Donnie was ready for a bike.....but, not just the starter red tricycle kind, but one with two bigger wheels and training wheels and a real seat.....even though Donnie is only 19 months old, Don felt "he's ready!" It was so sweet on Sunday morning I slept in and Don took Donnie to Target to pick out a brand new bike, when he got home he put it together right away.....just like it was Christmas morning or something (all I could do was was a special moment for Don). He finished putting it together and......what a bummer the bike was just a tad too big, Donnie can't quite reach the peddles...darn it!! I felt bad for Little D, but I think I felt worse for my hubby the look on his face was pitiful...pure disappointment, I think he was more distraught over the situation than Donnie.....poor guy. So, Donnie has to wait a few more months until he can actually reach the peddles, he is though enjoying just sitting on it and moving the handle bars while making motorcycle noises -I think he thinks it's like his Uncle Blair's motorcycle...LOL!


Leslie A. Collins said...

So adorable, Katie.

Donnie is too cute with his messy little ketchup face, too.

Kim said...

Awww... both your boys are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...