Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We found IT!!!

Don't let this picture fool you.....Ira did ALL the dirty work!!

OH, MY WORD....we found the second bat!! Last night, we were going to start trying to get our dining room painted, so Don finished taping and I was just trying to get things off the dining room table cleaning all the clutter mess its turned into....I found a vase & thought....Hmmmmm, this will look good on the fire place, so I went to put it on the mantle and then IT happened.......THE BAT flew past my head, literally it swooped right past my head, I thought I was going to poop my pants!! Anyways, I ran back into the dining room and told Don, he then proceeded to gear up and hunt for the BAT....Oh, Lord was that a sight to see!! But, of course, he couldn't find anything to catch it with (we left Donnie's bug net up north), so he had to call for back-up.......his younger brother Ira! Thanks Ira for killing the bat (sorry, to all you animals rightists out there, but it's DEAD) ......I can now sleep in peace again!
I bet the bat had fun roaming in our house for a week by itself while we were on vacation!!
Oooopss......I forgot to add, Don you are such a ** WIMP!!** Ha! Ha!


Leslie A. Collins said...

KAtie........so funny. Love the pictures. I am glad you had your camera to capture this moment. Hope you had fun up north. Call me when you get a chance.

Nicole said...

OMG hilarious.